[rumori] Wobbly, the ECC & PLU live at the Tonic 020413 review some picts and some mp3s

Date: Sun Apr 21 2002 - 19:58:37 PDT

all words written below were written very quickly spur of the moment and
none were reviewed for content understandability, a week late, well no
they were overly edited by an LD.... here are some grains of salt:

020413 AT The Tonic, NYC
Wobbly, the Evolution Control Committee, People Like Us

It was definitely a facts of life kinda show, the good thing was that
everyone showed up ready to play, the bad part their equipment decided
to be delinquent. But where there's a will there's a way.

First up Wobbly : http://detritus.net/wobbly/
Sitting behind his mixing equipment, Wobbly's body movement is
deceiving, he's locked into the thinker pose for much of the show, yet
the sounds poping out of the speakers is fluctuating and shifting
continuously. WildWhy is bits and pieces of old hip hop transformed
tweaked and remixed into a cacouphony of sonic vibrations. I gravitate
towards this stuff from it's sampled source, i grew up entranced by the
exploits of the latest and greatest getto guru. So hearing the common
speak "Yo" tweaked out the ass, i just can't help but grin in
approvement. Plus at the same time your witnessing simple technology
pushed towards it's limits, hearing the f-vox wail "wa wa wah wah
woooOOooo", pitch shift/distort as it interact with the other samples,
yes it can seem like sonic materbation at times, but i dig it yo gee
gazizah damn dat's da shizn!tz kneegah. ok enough jargon

the Evolution Control Committee : http://evolution-control.com/
Hannibal might love it when a plan comes together, but the ECC tries
their hardest when everything is falling apart around them. Some of
their material was lost to technical difficulties, but since they persue
the farthest reaches of sonic exploration, they were able to draw out
material from their library. First up, Napster Nuggets, many available
on the ECC website, unexplainable ventures like, Conner Likes to Have
Sex With Animals, Brittney Speers when she's 80, and other new
surprises. Then the main show began focusing on the Thimbletron, a
device which converts SuperDuperTrons into their own brand of audio.
But even in the first few songs it was clear that something in the
general vicinity was creating Anti-SuperDuperTrons and the show
proceeded with caution. With the help of the Thimbletron we toured the
Fuckin' Moon, the inner mind of Chuck D and began to explore the newly
discovered "James Brownian Motion" theory from forthcoming Plagiarhythm,
all with crowd clapping appreciation. Then during the rawkin' personal
investigations of "I want a Cookie", our wants and desires of a grand
finale were smashed, when for the second time the system decided to
shutdown, leaving the audience to supply their own audio in a unanimous
"awwwww...errrr.dammm that sucks" and supportive clapping. Then one
last track, Rocked by Tachnycle Diphykultyes, even though the
thimbletron had more of less given out by this time (one thimble left)
the CBS spokesman kept up his monotone drone as the performance came to
a close.

People Like Us : http://www.peoplelikeus.org
PLU's output continues to perplex me to unknown ends. Accompanied by
the Recyclopaedia Britannica video, PLU proceeded to meander through
various entries pulled from the lib. and were manipulated into a trance
of mutated melodies. Then just as you were feeling safe and secure with
the beats, comes the strange phrases & cutups, "There are plenty of good
things to do without creating music of your own" and learning about the
sexual practices of a farming family in some scenic snow covered high
mountain villa after learning from the mother about the procedure of
creating fist-fuls of meat. Then there's the audio's qualities, that
retro so out of style that you realize it's old but since you can't
place it, your not sure. There were less fart jokes then i expected,
but Satan's blood was new and enticing...

So if their coming to your town, check it out you wont be disappointed.

The performers on stage weren't the only one with complications, I
attempted to record the whole event but made the simple mistake of not
checking the tapes before going to the show, so I was only able to
record parts. Here they are:


some mp3's and pictures of Wobbly and the ECC, unfortuantely i ran out
of tape at this point and missed PLU's A/V performance....errr... Also
the first track of the ECC is for completists only, it's just a
recording of people speaking as the ECC worked on the video problems,
lots of ambiance. Files will be up for about a month. was this
actually a review....
Peter A Lopez
blowing sunshine up everyone's ass, yo.

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