[rumori] Fw: BrokenWindow Boots

From: Connie D. McCue (cmandjkATmindspring.com)
Date: Mon Apr 22 2002 - 07:56:14 PDT

Hi rumorites, first post! This was posted to another list I'm on, and given
the interest in boots here, with his/her permission, I thought people might
want to check it out... They tend to be like updates of the "Whipped Cream
Mixes," a bit
more eclectic than the more "mainstream" ones.

Here is what he/she says:
I have been making some bootleg mixes (aka bastard pop, where
instrumentals of one song have acapellas from other songs mixed over in
time). I made them with turntables, whereas most people doing this sort
of thing are using their computers, but this was just a matter of my
already having lots of records and finding it easier. Of course,
they are illicit as far as copyrights go. They're pretty
funny, especially if you know the music I used (some vocals are put over
instrumentals that are twenty years older!) I have some of them
temporarily (only until May 1) up at:


I think 'Hair, Nails, Perculator' is one of the best ones.

-Solenoid aka DJ Broken Window

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