Re: [rumori] Wobbly, the ECC & PLU advert

From: Tim Maloney (
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 00:27:09 PDT

>nothing compared to last night at the knitting factory LA, though. I'm
>sorry, we just didn't know that we weren't supposed to play there.

I grieve also. Spaceland would have been better!

>one of the most idiotic venues on the face of the planet.

There needs be no ghost from the grave come to tell us this, my lord.

>sound, and was a good show for all 12 of our personal friends who showed up
>and immediately joined us for dinner afterwards.

I was among those, I'm happy to say,and Mr. L is doing a terrible job
describing the evening. Having forgotten his score, and with little
more than his blinding hatred for the venue fueling his performance,
Wobbly shook the house with his improvised plunderbuzzcut of sound.
I don't even know what that means, it was so good.

And Ms. Bennett's video work is just plain enchanting. If you can
watch that beautiful gold robot singing his plaintive electronic song
without a tear in your eye, you aren't human. That and the Satanic
computer blood frenzy section which actually got quite scary for me
at a point!

>beyond that LA fucking
>hates us.

Well, the Knitting Factory certainly does, but then again, they hate
everyone. Overall I am ashamed of my fair city, which I know to be
rather a ball most of the time. I can only hope that fond memories of
the Museum of Jurassic Technology will be dominant in your minds when
you consider the southern climes again.

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