[rumori] An open call to artists for Free Manifesta

From: Sal Randolph (stfrATearthlink.net)
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 20:14:18 PDT


contact: infoATfreemanifesta.org

FREE MANIFESTA is an open exhibition of nonmonetary artworks to be held in
Frankfurt am Main, Germany from May 24 - August 25, 2002.

Any artist who wishes may participate with such works as ephemeral
installations, guerilla performances, interactions, dérives, situations,
giveaways, ambulatory declamations, parties, neo-happenings, apartment
shows, guided experiences, screenings, projections, mail art, downloadable
music, web-based work. Artworks will be produced independently and take
place in public spaces throughout the Frankfurt area, including
communications media like the internet, broadcast airwaves, telephone, and

FREE MANIFESTA is a project of artist Sal Randolph and will be an official
participant in the European biennial Manifesta 4, http://www.manifesta.de.
It is intended as an experiment in creating a social network of artists, a
gift economy which that can act as an alternative to traditional forms of
exhibition in commercial and institutional contexts.

Entries will be accepted until June 30. Guidelines for artists and a
required entry form are available on http://www.freemanifesta.org.


Sal Randolph 212-219-9328

Tuesday, April 23, New York. Sal Randolph, a New York artist, has bought
participation rights in the European Biennial, Manifesta 4, which will be
held in Frankfurt, Germany this summer. She purchased the invitation and
participation rights of invited artist Christoph Büchel, who auctioned off
his place on ebay.

Randolph won the ebay auction on March 29 with a high bid of $15,099 (ebay
item #852808885). The auction was Büchel¹s conceptual artwork entitled
³Invite Yourself,² and was his official entry in Manifesta 4. As the high
bidder, Randolph will receive the full rights accorded any invited artist,
including project budget, preview visit to Frankfurt, exhibition of her
artwork, and representation in the Manifesta 4 catalog and short guide.

³I enjoyed the reversals of power that Büchel¹s piece created,² says
Randolph. ³My own work involves questioning the structures of money and
power, and it seemed like a perfect match.²

Randolph will create a project for Manifesta 4 called ³Free Manifesta.² ³The
idea,² she says, ³is to create a context where any artist who wishes can
participate. It will be an open show that takes place in public spaces and
through communications media like the Internet, mail, and telephone.² The
exhibition spaces of Manifesta 4 will house an information and social center
for Free Manifesta. Randolph is currently organizing a similar project in
New York, the Free Biennial (http://www.freebiennial.org), which continues
throughout the month of April. ³Over 250 artists are participating in the
Free Biennial,² says Randolph. ³I expect to have even more in Free

³As an artwork,² Randolph adds, ³¹Free Manifesta¹ is an idea-structure, a
kind of social architecture. What interests me is how these social
architectures are given life by the consensus, the gift, of their
participants. An alternative economy is created, based around this
gift,which joins both the artists and those who experience the artwork in a
new relationship.²

Sal Randolph produces independent artistic projects involving social
networks, situations, and interactions, including ³Free Words²
(http://www.freewords.org) and ³The Free Biennial²
(http://www.freebiennial.org). She is a graduate of Harvard and a resident
of New York.

Manifesta 4 will take place this summer, from May 24 through August 25 in
Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The Manifesta 4 website is


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