Re: [rumori] Chart Sweep

From: Quahogs ! (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 12:09:03 PDT

> As I recall the explanation told to me when I received it, the
>compilation covers the complete age of the 45. It starts in 1956 when pop
>charts began and each #1 hit was released one a 45, and end in the 90's
>when the last #1 hit was offered on 45. Presumably after that point #1 hits
>were only on cassingle or CD-single and no longer on vinyl.

I'm about 40 minutes into it, and i have a couple questions.

First, I'm not sure they're in strict chronological order. For example,
Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl" is followed immediately by the Eagles' "Hotel
California." Could someone who's a bit more familiar with 70's/early 80s
pop confirm/deny this? (Perhaps I'm just misrememebring....)

Secondly, are all of these #1's? I mean, I just heard the disco version of
the Star Wars theme.... was that a #1? Again, I'm not overly knowledgable
on this stuff.


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