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Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 18:48:24 PDT

> Posted on Tue, Jun. 25, 2002
> Country station does right thing
> By Brad Kava
> Here's one for the radio record books: Bob Kieve, owner of country
> station KRTY-FM (95.3), didn't like the way one of his station's
> contests turned out, so he decided to give the $13,500 grand prize to
> two people. That's $13,500 each.
> The station's ``Secret Sound,'' which had eluded listeners for five
> weeks, was a grease catcher sliding from a gas barbecue -- not an
> easy thing to identify, even with some clues to help out.
> San Jose's Yvonne Brown, who barbecues a lot, figured it out and
> called the station last Tuesday afternoon.
> ``I was nervous, so I wrote down what I was going to say,'' says the
> retired Lucent import-export specialist. ``Removing the bottom tray
> that catches the grease under a gas barbecue.''
> DJ Tim Anthony, who was on a live remote at South County Chevrolet,
> didn't really hear the guess and hung up the phone, saying she was
> wrong.
> ``As soon as he did that, he knew he'd made a mistake,'' says program
> director Julie Stevens.
> Three hours later, Nicole Shirlee called up and said basically the
> same thing, noting that the grease catcher was ``disposable.''
> The DJ awarded her the cash, but people at the station weren't
> comfortable with the contest, most notably Kieve, KRTY's largest
> shareholder, who thought the earlier guess was also right, if less
> specific.
> Technically, the second answer could have stood, because the sound
> was in fact from a disposable grease catcher, says marketing director
> Nate Deaton. But that just didn't sit right with Kieve.
> Kieve and Stevens decided that the only fair thing to do was to give
> both contestants the prize.
> ``They didn't have to give it to me,'' says Brown, 48. ``I wasn't
> even going to complain. My friends said I should, but I have a way of
> looking at life, if it's meant for me to win, I would have won. So,
> it was meant for me to win.''
> Brown says she almost dropped the phone the next morning when Stevens
> called to say she was going to receive the cash also.
> This mother of two grown sons says she wants to use the money to
> travel, possibly to Switzerland.
> ``I'm very impressed with KRTY,'' she says. ``I was already their
> biggest fan. I love the music, the DJs are great.''
> The station says it will tighten up the contest when it starts again
> in October. Contestants will be taped, so the answers can be reviewed
> more carefully.
> While this is a great story for the winners, it also points to
> benefits of the kind of local radio that is fast becoming extinct.
> A local owner actually heard the broadcast and did something about it.
> In contrast, San Antonio's Clear Channel, which with 1,200 stations
> owns one-tenth of all the stations in the country, was fined $80,000
> in 2000 by the Florida Attorney General's Office for misleading
> contest entrants.
> The conglomerate didn't let contestants know clearly enough that a
> contest wasn't only for the local station and that they were
> competing with listeners from other stations across the country.
> Now other chains are copying the Clear Channel formula, offering
> corporation-wide, huge million-dollar prizes, but making sure to let
> listeners know the size of the pool.

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