[rumori] People Like Us News, Summer 2002 - 2 events and a new release

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 07:32:45 PDT


Just to let you know of two events coming up in the next couple of
weeks in London and North Portugal. Also news of the second edition
of our mail order only album releases and update on the Stifled Love
vinyl release.


26/27 July

Electronic Music Festival
"International Biennal of Poetry and Electronic Music of Vila Nova de Foz Ca."
Trancoso Town
Castelo de Trancoso, near the town of Viseu, and Celorico da Beira,
near the border of Spain, 1h30 from Oporto

26th july 2002 (friday) starting 9pm
TVT live
Rafael Toral live
Hipntica live
Ladytron Dj set
Chicks on Speed live

27th july 2002 (saturday) starting 9pm
Twokindermen live
Micro Audio Waves live
People Like Us live
Felix Kubin live
Kid 606 live

organization | programme
Bienal Internacional de Poesia de Foz Ca
Cmara Municipal de Trancoso

"International Biennal of Poetry and Electronic Music of Vila Nova de Foz Ca."

This Summer in the north of Portugal NUMERO, the team responsable for
the edition of NUMERO FESTIVAL - Lisbon' s International Festival of
Music, Multimedia and Cinema, and the international publication
NUMEROMAGAZINE is programming a special event called "International
Biennal of Poetry and Electronic Music of Vila Nova de Foz Ca".

"International Biennal of Poetry and Electronic Music of Vila Nova de Foz Ca"
An event dealing with new creations, nature and tradition sited in
the north of Portugal, in an important place known for his important
history and palleolitic arqueological recent discoveries. This event
is promoted by an organisation that gathers several towns in the
region, and its location will be in a castle from the middle age and
it will last one month.

This event has poetry and literature readings, art exhibitions and
performances of theatre and dance. The Festival will end with
electronic music and video performances in the 26th and 27th July.


Ladyfest London 2002
4 August at The Garage 7-11pm


Chicks on Speed + Gina Birch + Salena Saliva Godden + People Like Us
+ Printed Circuit + Pro Forma + Wendy-O-Matik

Chicks on Speed
Three former students of Munich's School of art in southern Germany -
New Yorker Melissa Logan, Sydney, Australia's Alex Murray-Leslie, and
Munich's own Kiki Morse - have invented a gloriously unique, utterly
amorphous multimedia platform under the moniker Chicks on Speed.
Initially conceived as an art installation project, Chicks on Speed
have swelled beyond their art school roots via an astounding
bricolage of sound and statement. Articulating their idiosyncratic
language by merging performance, graphic design and
feminist/consumerist politics with the seemingly disparate sounds of
early 80s New Wave/NYC No Wave, electronica, DIY, punk, disco, pop
and Digital Hardcore.
Gina Birch
Raincoats founder member Gina Birch recently toured in the UK with
her solo multimedia show. In the last 18 months she has become a
mother and she has been working on film projects both as gallery
pieces and directing music videos for artists such as New Order and
Beth Orton. The Raincoats pioneered the female group in punk rock in
the late 70s along with the Slits and the Au Pairs, releasing three
albums on Rough Trade "The Raincoats", "Odyshape" and "Moving" and
one on Geffen Records, "Looking In The Shadows" along with a live
album called "The Kitchen Tapes". Gina also had a band with Vicki
Aspinall of Raincoats and Fresh Records fame, called Dorothy and
signed to Chrysalis Records. More recently she released a well
received album called "Slow Dirty Tears" with her group the Hangovers
on Kill Rock Stars in the US and Smoke records in Europe. She
performed at the very first Ladyfest in Olympia, Washington, home to
her current American record label, Kill Rock Stars. She will be
performing new and old songs, with a full band line up and her show
will also include some of her film and video work.
Salena Saliva Godden
Salena is known for taking poetry out of the classroom and into
London club culture - poetry to dance to. She is one of Britain's
most visceral raw-gut talents. Her poetry and short stories are
published in magazines/anthologies worldwide. Salena works frequently
with 21st century visionary, music partner/producer Peter 'Peyote'
Coyte (The PC Collective). Together they produce Saltpetre, a
quarterly recording which offers definitive collections of spoken
word on CD. Salena also featured on the last two Coldcut albums, Let
Us Play and Let Us Replay, alongside the likes of Jello Biafra and
Grandmaster Flash. CD Egg Yolk Planet Fried on Saltpetre Records.
People Like Us
People Like Us is the unique plunderphonic stylings of Vicki Bennett.
Dadaist samplings and reshuffling of cultural oddities from discarded
LPs is a recurrent theme, as is the use of intercepted radio
broadcasts gutted and completely retextualised. An air of both humour
and impending doom, with video projection to match. She has performed
at prestigious events throughout Europe and the US with electronic
musicians such as Matmos, Negativland and Blectum From Blechdom, and
her most recent shows in London include the 'Female of the species
volume two' launch with Mira Calix and Andrea Parker, and an ICA
Laptops Live show with Kid 606.
Printed Circuit
Claire Broadley, who also runs Catmobile records, and her computer
produce the funkiest kind of electronic music. With its roots in the
sounds of computer Games, it mixes robotic rhythms, bleeps, 80s synth
pop and electro disco into a groovy danceability. Perhaps Printed
Circuit bridges the gap between "riot grrrl music which claims
electronic roots" (she recently played with Le Tigre in Leeds, her
hometown) and "female-made electronica"? She has had a number of
releases on labels such as Tigerbeat6, 555, Irritant, and her own
Catmobile label, and last year saw the release of 'Reprints', were
many of these tracks were remixed by the likes of Lesser, Fererick
Schikowski and Transistor 6. Following a recent split single with
Kid606, and her own 'Acrobotics' EP on 555, she will shortly be
collaborating on work with CEX.
Pro Forma
Glasgow electro punks blurring the line between rock and electronica.
Wendy-O-Matik is a spoken word performer from San Francisco. She has
performed her work at non-traditional venues, pushing the boundaries
of where literature is normally seen and heard. Her largest
collective work, Love Like Rage, is published on manic d press. She
just self-published her first book this summer, Redefining Our
Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships.
Naz (Ladyfest London)
Amy Lou (Ladyfest London)
Irene (Ladyfest London/Ladyfest Tour 2001/Strange Fruit/Le
Tigre/Youth Club Tape Club/Lesbopig/Careless Talk Costs Lives)


People Like Us and Wobbly
There Goes Nothing...
an edit of PLU and Wobbly live on KFJC (California), 28 April 2002 PLUWOB1CD
[mailorder only] - available from August 2002 - taking preorders now

Please note - this is a CDR release edited and compiled by PLU and
Wobbly, you will only find it for sale through peoplelikeus.org and
at PLU and Wobbly events at this present time.

A 2 hour session after 3 hours sleep leads to all kinds of unexpected
and somewhat psychotic occurances. PLU and Wobbly tackle many
subjects dear to their hearts... Wobbly runs over his Dr Sample
smartcard with a swivel chair while PLU drink cold black tea. Around
40 minutes long.

By Paypal: $11 + P&P (worldwide: Visa/Mastercard, see Paypal for postage price)
By cheque or cash 8 sterling, (UK currency/cheques only!) - email
your order with your postal address here and we will get back to you
normally within 24 hours.


Stifled Love gets stifled
The LP Stifled Love (on Mess Media through Soleilmoon) was meant to
be out now. Unfortunately the pressing plant decided to run over
every copy one by one with a tractor. You might appreciate that this
took them some time so we still don't have copies to sell. However
we do have a press release, which is was originally used by Dolly

PORTLAND, Oregon., July 2002 (PRESS RELEASE)
Cultural icon People Like Us has recorded her first love album
Stifled Love and she couldn't be more excited. "It's perfectly
natural for me to do a love album as I have loved that style of music
all my life. So much of my own music, the songs I decompose and
rewrite, have so many of the same colors," said Vicki Bennett. "For
years I have looked forward to doing a love album. Although I have
done some love songs scattered around in shows and in certain albums,
this is one of the most exciting things I have done in years and one
of the most exciting things ever." Slated for release on July. 23
through Soleilmoon, Stifled Love will be a joint imprint with PLU's
label, Mess Media. Appropriative music's finest musicians eagerly
signed on for the PLU sessions on fiddle, guitar, banjo and bass.
Vicki Bennett contributed four of her own original songs for the
album including the title cut. For the remainder of the tracks she
nicked a wide array of songs.
From the first time I heard People Like Us play "Stifled Love" at a
free concert in Berlin, until I flambld my way out of the music
business 15 years later, my life was constantly challenged, enriched,
and enlightened by my "job" as their manager. Reflecting on the heady
moments, world tours, and occasional unmitigated disaster, I find
that my favorite memory from "the PLU era" is of our first
coast-to-coast American tour. The fledgling indie label People Like
Us was signed to loaned us an old hearse that had been converted into
a traveling optical store. Fueled by propane and a green garbage bag
full of refried beans, Vicki, four musicians, two crew members, and I
piled in and set off for the great musical unknown. It was not
uncommon for Miss Us to take a turn behind the wheel of the bus
during the overnight drives after each show. When we arrived at our
destination, we would rent one motel room to freshen up, luxuriating
in our allotted five minutes of shower time. For two months, we were
constantly exhausted, frequently lost--and having the worst time of
our lives. Some of the clubs were so small that PLU operated the
spotlights from foot pedals at the front of the stage. Even in these
tiny venues, Vicki was as ill-equipped and underappreciated, as she
would later be in concert halls in New York, London, and San
Francisco. But none of that mattered. For People Like Us, then as
now, the journey is the destination, and being master of her own
destiny is the ultimate reward.
Charles Powne


Lastly, PLU have remixed Wobbly and Tipsy in the past few months. No
news on release date for Wobbly, but the Tipsy Remixes will be out in
August on Asphodel. http://www.asphodel.com - featuring mixes by by
Lesser, Matmos, Land of The Loops, The High Llamas, Sons of Silence,
Optiganally Yours, People Like Us, World Standard, The Bran Flakes,
Emperor Penguin, Seksu Roba, Flaspar, Ursula 100, ziq and We.


That's all for now. Coming up later in the year... live dates in
Minneapolis, South Carolina University (as PLU) and San Francisco (as
PLU and also with Matmos and maybe with Wobbly) in September/October.
Many European dates planned in November. DVD release of We Edit Life
in the autumn on a Lovebytes compilation. More on this in a month
from now.

Bye for now,

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