[rumori] Fwd: pop music spoofing redux : how it's done

From: joerg piringer (joergATpiringer.net)
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 08:12:37 PDT

>[courtesy of:
>home of the classic Missy Elliot vs Joy Division "Love Will Freak Us" Mixup
>| d s i c o | h o w - t o - b o o t l e g |
>dsico - sydney - email
>How to mix it up or (Jumpin' on the bootleg wagon - its like so Sept 2001)
>So you wanna do that damn hot new Britney vs Black Flag - Super lo-fi indie
>Punkrock mix thats going to send the kids wild. You'll be the next kid606.
>you are hot. But how do you get started?
>Step 1 - Software (Decks = realtime booty is only for da Hardcore)
>Seriously, you are going to need some software (or decks -like 1200s - if
>you've got the vinyl and you are a turntablist extraordinaire). So, there
>are a
>stack of sound apps out there with diffferent levels of complexity and
>functionality. You might want to check out:
>Sonic Foundry - ACID (Win) - popular one, has a lot of built in timestretch /
>repitch capabilities. And its really easy to use, sound quality isn't that
>though if you ask me. but you could probably do everything with this one app.
>Wave Editors
>Also by Sonic Foundry is Sonic SoundForge (Win) basically a wave editor. but
>for Timestretching and pitchshifting its got really nice algorithms and
>can do
>some severe stuff without totally screwing up the source material.
>in a similar vein are I imagine these are just as good, although I'm not very
>familiar with them. Wavelab (Win)
>Peak (Mac)
>CoolEdit (Win)
>TC Works Make Something (Mac)
>Digital Audio Multitracking
>If you go the Wave Editor route you are now going to need some kind a of
>Digital Audio Multitracking Software. Most of these Started of as MIDI
>apps and
>then added Audio Stuff or the other way. These will alow you to put together
>the whole song, arrange all your different parts drop stuff in and out, add
>some reverb or EQ so the vocal sits a little better oin the mix. etc..
>Digidesign - Pro-Tools - there is a Free version with most feature I think.
>Steinberg - Cubase VST - also has a limitied feature Free version called
>Cubasis Inwired or something.
>Emagic - Logic Audio legendary midi sequencer form the old atari ST days. I
>know people who still run Notqtor on Atari 1040STs
>Cakewalk - SONAR Windows only I believe. and doesn't support VST plugins. but
>will probably do the trick
>Step 2 - What / How to Mix
>Its siiiick cuts / oh baby one more time
>So yo've got your Britany Speared - Baby, I want to take it up the &5#*& -
>Acapella (i.e. vocal only) that you somhow found on that 12" limited edition
>germany only release. Or maybe you found the version that some chap put up at
>Audio Galaxy, or found it on one of the numerous P2P file sharing networks
>help these limited edition Acapella cuts spread like wildfire.
>- not that I am advocating Music piracy which is bad and could make you a
>member of the AXIS of EVIL.
>You've worked ou that the Britney trackss is precisely 102.465 BPM (beats per
>minute) and you've chopped out some siick damaged guitar sections with your
>Wave Editoring Software out of that old Black Flag track that don't have too
>much vocal in them.
>- (and it better be pre-Henry Rollins shit, cause I hate that Post-Rollins
>metal edge of the later stuff).
>But theres some problems:
>- those BlackFlag guys don't have perfect timing;
>- and the loops are all different lengths, one bit is like 120 bpm and
>is 125;
>- shit, and its way off that Britany Tempo;
>I'm screwed you are thinking.
>But no. Heres where you whip out your super timestretching expertise and
>matchup the tempos of all your loops and the Britany Speared vocal. Most
>of the
>apps will have a few different timestretching methods, you should be able to
>enter in the original tempo and the desired tempo - otherwise use ratios of
>Tempos or just make all your loops eaxctly the same length conserving pitch.
>now you are set, the rest is just too damn easy.
>Step 3 - Shit dat mix is Hot
>So you wacked all your loops and the vocal into your Digital Audio
>Multitracker. And it sounds siiick Mate.. don't you just love the way that
>drops out when Britany goes into the Chorus ofr the Second time. but you
>learned soo much.. sure the next one will be easier. and the intro . oh its
>just perfect - you've got that baby so in sync.
>Took you fuckin hours to fix it all those minor adjustments here and there:
>- Q points are like soooo cool;
>- the orignal pitch of the vocal was way off, but pitchshifting it down 2
>semitones made it sound almost perfect;
>- and you had to loop the Black Flag verse section twice cause its not the
>lenghth as the Britany one;
>- and damn i wsh i could get a bit from that other sectio of the Black Flag
>track - but the vocal is way too loud.
>(maybe I should try that Phase Inverting Karaoke vocal trick that i read
>somewhere will reduce the volume of the Vocal )
>hey it took 3 days to get it just right was worth it. you gunna be da next
>Freelance Hellraiser
>Step 4 - Now, Where'd I put that Tigerbeat Contact Number??
>Get ya self some free webhosting and post a link to the Messageboard Get ur
>Bootleg On .
>you are on your way baby - maybe you can get your link posted on Boom
>Selection???? Whitelabel release maybe? the future is now.
>Jumping on the Bootleg Wagon was written by dsico
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