Re: [rumori] Fwd: pop music spoofing redux : how it's done

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 09:33:37 PDT

wow. step by step.
pretty cool.

However, one thing that i thought was initially
so interesting about these "bootlegs" is that they seemed so
simple. I guess "seemed" is the operative term here. but some of
them sounded like just playing 2 records together. And some of
them were.

The reason this is interesting is because it had the potential to
promote a whole other way of listening to music, a sort of active
listening that anyone with the ability to play 2 records at once
could do ( or a CD and a record, or whatever) ( and this idea
was mentioned by Oswald in his original plunderphonics essay).
Instead of just another genre, inspiring music makers and
computer geeks to make a new sort of music, it may have inspired
the average consumer to juxtapose things using not much more than
their home stereo systems.

Yet, as these things got more complicated, this aspect has
receded, and people that read a 'howto' like this will probably
get the impression that only geeks with tons of software, 'mad
skillz', and lots and lots of spare time can participate.
And a concept that started off looking like an amazing "leveller"
that could make consumers into producers has generated its own
pantheon of superstars. Kind of like punk music, I guess.


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