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From: Peter Lope (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 08:42:44 PDT

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 17:12:37 +0200 joerg piringer <> wrote:

maybe you can get your link posted on Boom
>Selection???? Whitelabel release maybe? the future is now.
>Jumping on the Bootleg Wagon was written by dsico

Speaking of which...the mysterious Boomselection mp3 cd's have made their

here's how they describe it:
"3, to be precise. 3 mp3-cds to be even more precise. we are so pleased and
excited about this that there is urine on this keyboard. it's taken about 3
months, scouring the thousands of bootlegs, cutups, remixes, fuckups, glitch
filled mong-vibrations and the obscenely strange tracks that have fallen into
the lap[top] of boom selection. 3 months of declining popularily, delays,
pain-stakingly tedious graphics work (and thus a crash course in cd cover
design) and finally whoop-ensuing glee at finally getting these bastards out.
it's been amazing the past 6 months working on this beastlet of a website and
being so central to a scene that i feel has been important in modern pop
music. this cd set, comprised of 432 random tracks spread eagle accross 3 cds
fit for any pc, mac or mp3 player, is something of a 'definitive' collection
of appropriationist musings. it's a blueprint of the musical ethics of boom
selection - it's two fingers to the record industry that we consume and, now,
mutate for our own enjoyment. it's a novelty. it's not just about bootlegs.
it's a london thing. it's 'the same as parking on a single yellow line'. it's
about music with no rules or restrictions. it's diy, it's punk, it's a
political statement about mr record industry fatcat. it may be total bollocks
or (a stroke of) genius but thats the point. just enjoy it while you can. "

this comp takes appropriation to new lows or is that horizons, besides being
all mp3's, there are tracks on this thing which were converted to mp3 from .ra
from public radio station archives, then there's the song which appears twice
but is the same song but is attributed to two different artist both of which
are not the original artist. the list is endless this is an odd phucking
Peter A Lopez
working on those apologies...
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