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From: DJ WeirdKnobNow (
Date: Thu Jul 18 2002 - 16:01:39 PDT

Simple, yes, I think they are most charming when they
come together from simply starting two records at the
right time and in sync just 'so'. ('Amen' to Steev's
post below)

If we were to try to find a way to make the "you can
do it at home to your own pop music", aka don't need
to be a musician or wav-editor-geek, we'd want to show
by example with some minimal amount of editting, ya?
How else will the college dorm-party-music trend ever
get into gear? Just throw down the $1 records, set
the turntables and press start and go get yr beer!
Here is the documentation for my most recent batch of
bootlegs, which I'm posting to show how from a
turntable perspective, which should directly translate
to someone simply running two copies of WinAmp at once
and doing the same thing with cd-audio/.wav/.mp3/.ram
versions of tracks (below docs not 100% complete):
DJ BROKENWINDOW - parallel universe #2

These notes are to indicate the pairs of records that
were layered together to create the tracks, including
the speeds at which the turntables (SL1200 standard)
to sync the records. Try this at home with your own
records or mp3s/players!!
Please freely copy this music for anyone as long as
you include a copy of this documentation—or at *least*
the ‘www’.
1. RoundUp Those Flowers" - "Round Up" ? - ? -
2001 + "Three Flowers" Bent Fabric from "Alley Cat"
LP Atco Records 1966
2. "What U Change About Ballin'?" - "What U Know
About Ballin'? (album version acapella)" Major Figgas
12" Ruffnation Rec 2000 (+8.0)
"Change" Killing Joke "Requiem" 12" bside ver - Energy
Music / EG Records 1980 (-6.8) start 1st gtr pluck on
'-lip!' of "Hey Philip, go git the gun!"
3. "Canton Is Over Here" - " <wait!>" ? ? 2000 +
"Canton" Japan 12" Virgin 1982 - first word starts at
first bassdrum
4. "Hooked On Techno 1" - “Planet X" Mad Mike/UR
1993? Underground Resistance (45rpm +4.0) +
"Beethoven's 9th Symphony – 4th Mvmt -abridged"
Walter Carlos’ The Clockwork Orange CBS 1972 (-5.3)
-- start first beat of both
5. "Beach Culture Fight Music" - "Beach Culture"
Thompson Twins "Lies" 12" bside Arista 1982 (33rpm
"Fight Music (acapella)" D12/Eminem 12"
Shady/Interscope Rec 2001 (+8.0) -- start first
"This.." on snare-roll lead-in to first meas of Twins
6. "Glowstick Raver's Valentine" - "Glow Worm" The
Mills Brothers "14 Karat Gold" lp Pickwick/Dot Records
"Valentine -Pokemonopa Mix" Pantytec "Pony
Slaystation" lp Perlon Rec 2002 (+5.7) -- start
first bassdrum of Pantytec on 1st count of GW
7. “Picture P-Diddy In Haiti” - "?" Puff Daddy
1998 + "Haiti" Cabaret Voltaire "The Crackdown" Some
Bizarre 1982
8. “Oh La La La,, The Next Episode” - “Fu-gee-la”
The Fugees 12” 1997 + “The Next Episode” (late 60’s
sndtrk compilation by Luke Vibert)
9. “Too Many MC’s, Not Enough Ultravox” - “How
Many Mics” The Fugees 12” 1997 + “Heart Of The
Country(instr)” Ultravox “Lament” 12” Virgin 1984
10. “Walk Like The Egyptian Lover” - “Walk Like An
Egyptian (acapella)” Bangles 12” 1986 + “The Lover
(Beats)” The Egyptian Lover 12” Egyptian Empire 1984
11. "Shamalama Carousel" - "Shamalama (Party
Version)" 12" King Doe-V 1987 Fresh Records (-3.1)
"Carousel" Happy The Man s/t lp 1977 Arista Records +
 "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" Yes 12" 1984 Atco Records
12. "Owner Of A Lonely Superbitch" - "Superbitch"
JT Money remix 12" (SPRO - label=?) 2000 (+7.7) +
"Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Red And Blue Remix)" Yes 12"
ATCO/Atlantic 1983 (-5.4) -- start "She's A
Hustler..." of acapella on first bassdrum after orch
13. "The Jokes On You Hula" - "Joke's On You
Jack(Instrumental 2)" Kid Capri 12" Cold Chillin'
Records 1991 + "Poison (Night Mix)" Hula 7" Red
Rhino Rec 1986 (locked, but +0.2 past 'torturer')
-- start on initial sounds of each track, Hula track
slows slightly after 'torturer')
14. “Old Dope Peddler - Breaks” - "? " (a breaks
12") + "Old Dope Peddler" Tom Leher 1965
15. "Blood On Your B-Boy Gloves" - "Blood On Your
Hands" World Of Skin from s/t 2xLP Product Inc 1988
(+3.0) + "It's Time To Rock (Instr Ver)" Matrix
12" Jam City Records 1987 (-4.6 thru -4.0*) --
start 1st bassdrum of Matrix on 2nd "chung" of opening
"ka..chung!" perc. *during the choral parts of
‘blood’, you have to speed up to keep "chung" parts on
the Matrix bassdrum; sounds best if bd lags on tail of
16. "League Of Nations Or Die" - "?" ? + "League
Of Nations" Simple Minds "Sister Feelings Call" lp
Virgin 1981
17. "Front 242's Estranged Child" - "I Wonder Why"
Jersey Ave 12" - 2000 MCA Records (0-locked) +
"Deceit" Front 242 - "No Comment" lp 1985 Wax Trax!
Records (-6.4)
18. “Hooked On Techno 2” - "Nineth Sym" Beethoven
+ "Tear the Club Up" DJ Assault 12" Loaded 2002
19. “Its Gonna Rain Dance Party” - "?" 2001 +
"Its Gonna Rain" Steve Reich 1972 Nonesuch
20. "Kit Clayton Vs. Roscoe P. Coltrane" - "(track
1)" The Mimic And the Model 12" (label?) set to 45
rpm (-3.5) + "Flash" The Dukes Of Hazzard LP
Scotti Brothers 1981 (locked 33.3) -- start first
beat of Flash with first sound from Mimic track,
Mimic’s triplets make swing feel
21. "I Want To Be Your LFO" - "I Want To Be Your
Dog" World Of Skin from s/t 2xLP Product Inc 1988
(+3.0) + " " LFO "Advance" L
22. “Special Message From DJ Brokenwindow” - “The
Green Thing” episode of “2000+” radio program from


--- Steev Hise <> wrote:
> wow. step by step.
> pretty cool.
> However, one thing that i thought was initially
> so interesting about these "bootlegs" is that they
> seemed so
> simple. I guess "seemed" is the operative term
> here. but some of
> them sounded like just playing 2 records together.
> And some of
> them were.
> The reason this is interesting is because it had the
> potential to
> promote a whole other way of listening to music, a
> sort of active
> listening that anyone with the ability to play 2
> records at once
> could do ( or a CD and a record, or whatever) ( and
> this idea
> was mentioned by Oswald in his original
> plunderphonics essay).
> Instead of just another genre, inspiring music
> makers and
> computer geeks to make a new sort of music, it may
> have inspired
> the average consumer to juxtapose things using not
> much more than
> their home stereo systems.
> Yet, as these things got more complicated, this
> aspect has
> receded, and people that read a 'howto' like this
> will probably
> get the impression that only geeks with tons of
> software, 'mad
> skillz', and lots and lots of spare time can
> participate.
> And a concept that started off looking like an
> amazing "leveller"
> that could make consumers into producers has
> generated its own
> pantheon of superstars. Kind of like punk music, I
> guess.

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