Re: [rumori] download salvation

From: James Allenspach (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 17:16:50 PDT

{ brad brace } wrote:
> A Forrester Research report released Tuesday says that the
> true threat to record labels' profits is the sagging
> economy, and that downloadable music could actually prove to
> be the industry's salvation rather than its scourge.

The RIAA's response:

> "We are encouraged by Forrester's projections that paid downloads will
> restore sales growth," an RIAA spokeswoman said. "However, we disagree
> with Forrester's analysis of the effects of file-sharing on sales."
> The RIAA said they are readying to release their own study showing
> that among those consumers who downloaded more from file-sharing
> services now than they did six months ago, 41% purchased less music in
> the past six months and only 19% purchased more music in the past six
> months.

The report will also show that everytime you download an MP3, God kills
a kitten.


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