Re: [rumori] download salvation

From: matt davignon (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 17:44:45 PDT

I was hoping that the figures might be a little more encouraging, and would
be interested in seeing where the original report is posted. As it is, this
data isn't too helpful to our cause. For example,

>At the same
>time, 39% of downloading enthusiasts said they bought more
>CDs, because they found new music that they wanted to
>purchase through their file-swapping activities.

We don't know how the other 61% responded. It's possible that 45% of the
downloading enthusiasts surveyed said that they purchased fewer cd's,
because downloading music helped them discover that they only liked 2 songs
from that $18 Limp CD or 0 songs from recent Lenny Kravitz releases.

>it turns out that consumers who rarely or never download
>music account for more than two-thirds of CD sales in the

That's encouraging, because I'm sure that it's less than a third of the
cd-buying public that has dependable access to downloadable music. That
means they're buying more than their share.

>With music sales slumping nearly 10% this year so far,
>report author Josh Bernoff says the true culprits are
>limited radio playlists, high-priced CDs and a general
>economic recession.

Limited radio playlists. It's about time somebody said that. Seems that no
matter where you go there are 4 radio stations
1) The top 40 station
2) The "lite rock less talk" station. (Yes, they all use the same slogan)
3) The hard, alternative and/or classic rock station, often with a "No
Repeat Thursday" and "Two for Tuesday"
4) The obligatory country station.

What cracks me up is that stations 1, 3, and 4 have almost the exact same
station identification snippets, with laser sounds and monster truck smash

I would also add that the largest record labels have a crappy business plan.
They don't bother to carry a wide selection of releases to cater to
different tastes anymore. Since the success of MTV, they have been using
that, in combination with the vast radio station monopolies, to manufacture
a very narrow range of taste in listeners, which they can satisfy with a
much smaller variety of product. Maybe (hopefully) many listeners are
getting sick of the same-old stuff.

It's amazing how cheap, uncreative and lacking in effort pop music sounds
these days - especially, well especially all the choices listed above. I'm
not just saying that to poo-poo pop music. I'll give the credit where
credit's due, but if I hear another generic RnB cover of what was once a
meaningful song, I'll just..... just... .complain more.

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