Re: [rumori] radio variety

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 03:44:50 PDT


>Where I grew up, there was only the top 40 station, the classic rock
>station, and the lite 70's station. Out of all the "indie" stations,
>KPFA is the only one I can get in regularly, and they're mostly
>talk. I only get KALX about 25% of the time (the same was true for
>KUSF when I lived about a mile from it).

In most non-US towns and cities this is still the case. I would love
to be near just one of the stations you receive even just in the Bay
Area, let alone anywhere else. In an attempt to further clarify what
a great thing you have going on with radio in America, and what there
is to lose of course you might want to know/recall that in Europe
where there is no such thing as college radio, let alone anything
else that isn't either dinosaur BBC programming or local Evergreen

In Britain there are less than 10 shows in the whole country with an
agenda/show playing anything remotely
freeform/experimental/underground, not even overground underground.
Of all the radio I've done, 95% has been in America, and of that,
much of my good live stuff has been done through such a platform.


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