Re: [rumori] radio variety

From: DJ WeirdKnobNow (
Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 08:52:39 PDT

--- Vicki Bennett <> wrote:

> In most non-US towns and cities this is still the
> case. I would love
> to be near just one of the stations you receive even
> just in the Bay
> Area, let alone anywhere else.

For instance, tonight, in Portland, Oregon
I'm going to be playing my bootlegs/mashups on KBOO
90.3fm from 11pm-12am. I'll give the full
instructions for making each one as well (so anyone
can a the mashups-dj)

> In an attempt to further clarify what
> a great thing you have going on with radio in
> America,

I heard a great PLU set on KBOO once...

DJ Brokenwindow aka mr pharmacist

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