Re: [rumori] Dum Dum TV

From: Jon Leidecker (
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 19:10:50 PDT

>dumdum tv...
>urgh. just spent a very frustrating amount of time looking for info about
>this group on the internet, and aside from a half dozen playlists, there
>is no info anywhere.
>Does anyone have any background info? I play Dum Dum TV from time to time
>on SAR and realized today, as I was preparing to play them again, that I
>don't know ANYTHING about them (except that they have a seven inch split
>with Wayne Butane, a seven inch called Couch Potato Resistance, and a mini
>CD called parti-time something - all of which I have, but there is little
>to no info there either, beyond the audio).
>Anyway - I'd appreciate the learnin' if anyone's got anything.

they were on eerie materials... I think that might be their entire
discography... those are some great sounds. Your best bet is to hunt down
Mark Melts from Eerie Materials.


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