[rumori] Go to Brazil [was: Dum Dum TV]

From: Paul Smith (postalscaleATyahoo.com)
Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 22:24:11 PDT

There is no shortage of info piracy in Brazil, some of
which is creative. RE:COMBO is a music collective
where members collect, swap and "remix" each other's
music. One of their songs making the rounds
celebrates their country's World Cup win, a dense
musical collage taken from World Cup broadcasts and an
endless series of Brazillian dance hits. This song,
however, is changing constantly as it continues to be
"remixed" by the members of the collective.

For a story on the collective and the state of media
piracy by the NPR program "The World", use:
http://www.theworld.org/today.htm and look under the
"Brazil Piracy Report" header. The complete stoy is
there to be streamed.

For a look at the RE:COMBO collective itself, use: http://www.manguebit.org.br/recombo

"What comes before Part B?"

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