Re: [rumori] Buchannan and Goodman's "Flying Saucer"
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 16:03:31 PDT

I've got "Mr. Jaws and other Fables by Dickie Goodman" on LP, in perfect condition - planning to make a CDR copy at some point (when I stumble across all that extra time I've been looking for). No trouble to make you a copy if you'd like.

Question - I know that there are two versions of some of these songs - the original, using copyrighted music, and in some cases, a later version - an exact duplicate of the song, with the same sounding sample, but re-recorded for this project, because the original artist wouldn't give permission... can anyone tell me if my copy has the original versions, or the (less interesting) subsequent versions?

I imagine since it seems to be a "best of" of sorts, that its probably the second version. oh well.

> Does anyone out there have a copy, on CD or vinyl, of "Flying
> Saucer", by Buchannan and Goodman? Even the reissue appears to
> be out of print. This is a super important track in the history
> of music re-use...
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