Re: [rumori] Buchannan and Goodman's "Flying Saucer"

From: James Allenspach (
Date: Tue Aug 27 2002 - 18:19:19 PDT

So I got home and checked the Dickie Goodman CD that I have.... and it
turns out that the version I have is not the original! Some of the song
snippets had been cut out and replaced with other similar songs,
probably for licensing issues. It's really noticeable, too; the entire
track is in mono, and then a stereo sample pops up in the middle of the mix.

Anyway, I found an MP3 of the original 45 on WinMX, so I put that up for
anyone who's interested in checking it out. This is Flying Saucer parts
1 and 2; part 1 ends at around 2:30 of the track.


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