Re: [rumori] DVD question

From: Tim Maloney (
Date: Sat Sep 21 2002 - 23:48:18 PDT

>i don't know which law. or if it's copyright law or something
>else. but it's true. i've seen dvds like that. some don't let
>you FF through the FBI warning at the beginning either. i think
>the technical ability to do that is built into the DVD spec. not
>encryption, per se, but something the creator can specify when
>authoring the disc. i think. Maybe that is part of CSS, in which
>case the DMCA might stop manfacturers from getting around it.

I've authored DVD's, and yes, you can specify sections that can't be
FFw'd through. It is part of the DVD specification. Having said
that, it stands to reason that someone SHOULD be able to invent a DVD
player that simply ignores that part of the specification, and I hope
they do.

It is not encryption. So far the DVD spec only allows for
Macrovision, which can or can not be included when you author the
DVD. Macrovision can be totally ignored by the DVD player, like
the Daewoo that I own, so this is why I think you could probably get
around that "no fast-forward" routine if you built a player that
simply ignored that code.

I recommend those Korean and Chinese DVD players. They play
everything! And you can tape your DVD's, too, which I need to do as
I am a film school instructor, and am constantly having to tape
excerpts of things to show my class...

>If I want to turn my TV upside down and watch it through pink
>sunglasses, I can do that. Or only read every 5th word of a book.
>Or listen to a song with the treble turned all the way up. But
>maybe someday i won't be able to.

Yet another instance of our narrowing options...

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