[rumori] FWD: 4th Annual Festival of Appropriation

Date: Fri Nov 01 2002 - 15:52:30 PST

For those of you near the Twin Cities, this exhibit opens tomorrow night (Saturday, NOV 2, 7-11PM)


*** ART OPENING: Saturday, November 2nd, 7-11pm ***

RUNS: November 2nd - 30th, 2002
GALLERY HOURS: FRI-MON 3-8pm & by appointment
ARTISTS: Allen Christian (The House of Balls), Mark Gunderson (The ECC), Steev Hise (Detritus.net), Andrea Jayne, Michael Pilmer (Silica Gel), Trisha Shaskan, The Tape-beatles and Michelle Winowiak.

The Twin Cities' only annual exhibition to focus exclusively on the art of collage, assemblage and mixed media, steps boldly into its fourth year with a program as diverse as the sources its artists incorporate into their appropriation-based art works.

The Fourth Annual Festival of Appropriation is sponsored, appropriately, by the radio program Some Assembly Required. Both the weekly radio program and the annual visual art exhibit focus on works of appropriation-based collage, not to mention that both shows are produced by Minneapolis Collage artist, Jon Nelson.

For more information about these and other projects, visit

Please join us at the celebration event on November 2nd!!!

ROGUE buddha GALLERY + 2402 EAST HENNEPIN AVE SE + 612.331.3889


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