Re: [rumori] Dre finally sued

From: MessMiesterJess (
Date: Wed Jan 20 1904 - 03:47:07 PST

 the usual music industry practice
> for the past few years is for major label artists to just pay
> clearance fees for every single sample they use. period. so the
> fact that Dre would not pay for this one is curious. is it
> cultural colonialism, as the plaintiff seems to be suggesting? or
> was Dre just stupid? or something else?

Yeah, that's a point... I suppose Dre probably didn't see it as a widely
known sample, I mean its a song that may not be directly connected to major
labelz... but I don't think its necessarily cultural colonialism... If I
found some good Bollywood shit that fit in with what I was doing I'd
probably sample it, just as easily as I'd sample anything... so to take the
cultural colonialism edge, well, you could say that a lot of sampling is
cultural colonialism, couldn;t you?

But yeah, just goes to show, free up the airwaves!


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