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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 08:43:48 PST

on Wed, 20 Jan 1904 MessMiesterJess told me:

>Yeah, that's a point... I suppose Dre probably didn't see it as a widely
>known sample, I mean its a song that may not be directly connected to major
>labelz... but I don't think its necessarily cultural colonialism... If I
>found some good Bollywood shit that fit in with what I was doing I'd
>probably sample it, just as easily as I'd sample anything... so to take the
>cultural colonialism edge, well, you could say that a lot of sampling is
>cultural colonialism, couldn;t you?

Well, yes. I'd suggest that anytime someone in the First World
samples something from the Third World, they would do well to ask
themselves about their own motivations and the consequences of
their actions (if they don't already do this anytime they sample
anything. or anytime they do anything). How might their
(admittedly perhaps small) act be part of the cycle of
imperialist capitalist exploitation?

As Deborah Root said in her book "Cannibal Culture": "the
economic system is arranged to keep people consuming, so new
aesthetic and cultural territory must continually be 'discovered'
and colonized."

we touched on this issue a few months ago when talking about
the James Newton vs. Beastie Boys case. It's interesting to see
already another case so similar and yet with a distinctly
different angle to it.


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