Re: [rumori] Dre finally sued
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 15:17:36 PST

I don't think finally is the right word, but I can't believe i'm rooting
for someone who beat up Dee Dee Barnes and various other individuals on
the path to fame and fortune, but I 've got an inclining to support Dr.
Dre, cus I wanna hear the rest of the Shooby Taylor archive, and this
just could be the needed precident! I wonder why they didn't force Dre
and company to appear in court in India. Like they did to that pr0n
website in the domain custody court case. With current law
practices as they are, is there anyway Bappi Lahiri & Lata Mangeshkar
could loose, why not force Dre and friends to support their local
economy with their forced tourism for a few days, while in Indian courts.

Is this usage any different then that Eric B and Rakim's song "Paid In
Full"; they lifted an indian (?) song for at least 20 secs+. But it did
appear on the Colors soundtrack so maybe it got paid a little more
attention by the lawyers and was cleared. (btw turns out it was Israeli
singer Ofra Haza)
Pump It Up!
Do you think it was Jam Master Jay who could have brought this to the
attention of the appropriate authorities...oh that's right there are no
E/W wars, all those Posse Cuts like Stop the Violence and We're All In
The Same Gang stopped all that. sorry.

Quahogs! wrote:

>>for the most part, i think sampling is sampling, i dont care what
>>the source is. however, what dre did, if the reports from people
>>familair with the original source material are true, is just stick
>>an entire song over a beat and had a singer and rakim's vocals put
>>over it. that is barely even sampling in my eyes, thats just about
>>taking a song and using it how you want to.
>that's exactly the so-called "UK bootleg" craze, though: putting vocals over
>another track. the intent here is different, but the effect is the same,
>really. what's interesting is (as someone pointed out already) that a major
>label put this track out without clearing it. as far as i'm concerned, dre
>(or whoever) can do whatever he wants to.
>you can go back further, to the Jams' "The Queen and I," a track that is
>essentially ABBA's "Dancing Queen" with a beat and rap vocals added. if you
>haven't heard this track, go here: (thanks
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