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From: Thomas D. Cox, Jr. (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 21:02:21 PST

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>that's exactly the so-called "UK bootleg" craze, though: putting
vocals over
>another track. the intent here is different, but the effect is
the same,
>really. what's interesting is (as someone pointed out already)
that a major
>label put this track out without clearing it. as far as i'm
concerned, dre
>(or whoever) can do whatever he wants to.
>you can go back further, to the Jams' "The Queen and I," a track
that is
>essentially ABBA's "Dancing Queen" with a beat and rap vocals
added. if you
>haven't heard this track, go here: (thanks

yeah im familiar with the Jams stuff and the mashup/bootleg
culture. the main difference is that both rely on the familiarity
of the songs being appropriated for their ironic content. this is
the same idea at work in the U2/negativland track. IMO the more
popular something is, the more open it should be to being pillaged
totally. in this case however, with no recognition given to the
original artist, its damn near impossible for the vast majority of
the US/euro market to know what the source material was. im not
saying Dre/Quik should be forced to shell out money, but i think
some recognition should be given for sure. and really the
recognition would be beneficial to the artist in question who is
getting just about no mainstream press aside from this in the US,
at least.



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