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From: Thomas D. Cox, Jr. (
Date: Sat Nov 02 2002 - 21:11:12 PST

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>Hmm, interesting point, but does that really provide enough
>justification for the exploitation? Can we really say that the
>increased exposure makes it all worth while? In almost all cases
>of this sort of thing, the exploiting western artist is going to
>sell way more units and make way more money than the original
>"third world" one. I wonder what the statistics are? How many
>people really go on to investigate the source culture when they
>hear the mainstream repurposing of it? How many Ladysmith Black
>Mambazo albums were sold as a result of the millions of copies of
>Paul Simon's "Graceland" sold? I suspect that most Americans
>don't bother. but i don't know.

well my girlfriend has a copy of a Ladysmith Black Mambazo album.
and as someone mentioned earlier, Ofra Haza's sampling on "Paid in
Full" has been the only time ive ever heard reference to her in
america. without that exposure, im sure their profiles would be
much smaller, at least in pop culture. if it had been pretty
common knowledge who it was sampled for the Truth Hurts track, i
would be entirely on Dre's side.

also, i dont know how beaten to death this has been since im a
relatively recent subscriber here, but ive heard that Timbaland's
production on Missy Eliiot's "Get Ur Freak On" track ripped pretty
heavily from some banghra track. does anyone know how much was
taken? Timbaland generally impresses me with his creative useage
of small snippets of sound, it seems odd for him to suddenly get
lazy and just take large bits of melody from something that just
happens to be from music with an eastern slant.



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