Re: [rumori] Dre finally sued - av links

From: joel (joelATshoko.CALARTS.EDU)
Date: Sun Nov 10 2002 - 07:54:20 PST

I don't know if a link to the song was in the discussion, but here is the
video in real format


Pretty much a mishmash of some "over there in that exotic place" on a



DJ Quik, who produced "Addictive," said that he stumbled upon the track one
night on television.
"I woke up one morning I turned on the TV and landed on this Hindi channel
and just turned it up real loud," Quik explained this past summer. "There
was a commercial on and I just got up and went into the bathroom and started
brushing my teeth. I'm brushing, and before I knew it, I was grooving [the
beat on the TV] was just in my body. I went back in there and looked at the
TV there was a girl on there bellydancing, just like real fly. So I pushed
record on the VCR."


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