I digress into meat Re: [rumori] November 7, 2002

From: DJ WeirdKnobNow (djbrokenwindowATyahoo.com)
Date: Sun Nov 10 2002 - 17:44:23 PST

--- Steev Hise <steevATdetritus.net> wrote:
> Paste together your own
> _George W. Bush
> speech_http://www.lemonbovril.co.uk/bushspeech/
> online.
> ---

We've been enjoying this, and almost moreso discussing
the history of 'bovril'. Quite fascinating ..some
kind of beef broth or something? A brand-name? Why
'lemonbovril' then?

Almost as fascinating as vegimite and other
protein-rich WWII slimemoldmeatproduct like "Bonox"
(what is that??)

I suppose the context is that Bush's language and
unpalletable meat products are metaphorically related.

dj brokenwindow

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