[rumori] tonight at the ICA, London

From: Vicki Bennett (peoplelikeusATmistral.co.uk)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 07:19:32 PST

Is Copyright A Good Thing?

Talk: Thu 14 Nov 2002. 7.30pm

As part of the ICA's digital festival, whatdoyouwanttodowithit?, a
talk on issues involved with digital copyright.

What's 'fair' about 'fair use'? What happens to intellectual property
when it is in the public domain? Who should determine the relative
rights and responsibilities in relation to artists and their works?
Does technology make a difference?

Chairing the discussion:
John Howkins
John Howkins provides strategic advice to corporations and public
agencies on creativity and communications. A Director of ITR & Co he
has also advised ABC, Accenture, BBC, CBC, Channel Five,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, European Commission, IBM, KPMG, News Corp,
NHK, RAI, Sky TV, Swedish Television, Televisa and many other
companies. He is Chairman of Tornado Productions Ltd, a London-based
webcasting company, and a Director of Equator Group plc and
Television Investments Ltd. He is also co-founder of The Creativity
Group. John Howkins chaired the CODE Conference at Queens College,
Cambridge in April 2001 and is the author of several books, including
New Technologies, New Policies, and The Creative Economy.

The CODE Conference partners were The Arts Council of England,
Academia Europaea, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory,
University of Cambridge Intellectual Property Unit, and Crucible. The
Conference was supported by the Arts Council of England, the Daniel
Langlois Foundation, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research
Council (EPSRC), The Red Hat Center, the Rockefeller Foundation, and
East England Arts.

The Speakers:
People Like Us
Vicki Bennett, who works under the name 'People Like Us', uses modern
tools (as afforded by the advent of desktop video/audio manipulation
and editing) to recontextualise 'found' recordings in order to create
entirely new soundscapes. People Like Us have produced more than ten
solo albums over the past decade, as well as numerous live multimedia

Anna Booy
Anna Booy (BA LLM) is a qualified lawyer in both England and
Australia and is a senior consultant with the specialist
international intellectual property firm of Willoughby & Partners,
the UK arm of Rouse & Co International. She is also an executive
within the Rouse & Co International Group.

Stewart Home
Stewart Home is the author of many books, most recently the novel 69
Things To Do With A Dead Princess. In the eighties he was heavily
implicated in the Neoist, Plagiarist and Art Strike movements. His
cultural commentary is grounded in a historical interest in groups -
such as the situationists or fluxus - that have resisted the frenetic
drive towards commodification in all realms of human activity.

Jennifer Jenkins
Jennifer Jenkins is the Director of the Centre for the Study of
Public Domain at Duke University. Apart from being one of the lawyers
involved in defending the publication of The Wind Done Gone (Alice
Randall's parodic 'rejoinder' to Gone with the Wind) she is also a
filmmaker and musician.

Karsten Schubert
Karsten Schubert is an art dealer, writer and publisher. On arriving
in London in 1983 he worked for the Lisson Gallery and then in 1987
opened Karsten Schubert Contemporary Art, which played a pivotal role
in the promotion of the 'yBa's - giving early shows to the likes of
Rachael Whiteread and Gary Hume. Now acting as Bridget Riley's agent
and London dealer, Karsten has also published several of her
catalogues. He has written many reviews and a book on museum history;
The Curators Egg. Recently he published Dear Images: Art, Copyright
and Culture a collection of essays on the role of copyright in art.

Fiona Templeton
Fiona Templeton is an award-winning playwright, poet, performer,
installation artist and director. She has published 7 books in
various genres, both practice and theory. Her You - The City, (1988)
an 'intimate citywide play for an audience of one' has been recreated
in many cities and hailed as 'the canon of site-specific
performance'. She lives in New York and Britain and is currently
completing a 3-year AHRB Fellowship at Lancaster University.

Attendees will receive a free copy of the CODE Report.

Venue(s) : Theatre (seated).
Full Price : 8.
Concessions : 7.
ICA Members : 6.
ICA, The Mall, London SW1.
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