[rumori] Using Your Own Name May Be Infringement, Part 2

From: Peter Lopez (pl1xATearthlink.net)
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 13:45:29 PST

Offtopic a little but it's got a musical connection...

from /.

"We're probably all familiar with Uzi Nissan and his fight to keep his
nissan.com domain name from the clutches of Nissan Motors. Well, more
same-name idiocy came to light today-- the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is
reporting that their staff music writer, Bill Wyman, has received a
cease-and-desist letter from lawyers representing former Rolling Stone Bill
Wyman, for "a seriously misleading and, arguably, an intentional, unauthorized
exploitation of our client's name, goodwill and publicity value." It should be
interesting to see how this one plays out, because Bill Wyman the musician was
born William George Perks and changed his name to Bill Wyman in 1964.
Journalist Bill Wyman was given that name at his birth in 1961."

Check out the Cease and Desist:

/. also has a story on perishable DVD's

"Technology that renders optical media useless after a short lifespan will
soon find its way into stores in the form of perishable DVDs. Retailers in the
Southern United States will soon start giving a sample DVD to buyers of a CD
(by Nappy Roots, a hip-hop group). This promotional DVD from Atlantic Records
will work for only 8 hours. This promotion is aimed at finding if music fans
would be interested in buying a package with both audio and video instead of
just plain audio. A special dye sandwiched between the layers of the DVD will
interact with air making it opaque and unreadable later. If this media catches
on you may not have to return your DVD rentals in the future."
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