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In coordination with Andrew Stafford, UbuWeb is pleased to present the complete contents
of issues 1-9 of Aspen Magazine. Apsen, a multimedia magazine of the arts was originally
published from 1957 to 1971. Each issue of Aspen was delivered to the subscribers in a
box, which contained a variety of media: printed matter in different formats, phonograph
recordings, and reels of Super-8 film. Stafford has remediated the contents for the web,
using RealAudio, QuickTime movies, Flash, MP3s, etc. Comprising nearly 400 artists,
UbuWeb's acquisition of Aspen Magazine increases UbuWeb's content base by almost a third.

The site contains a vast number of rare MP3s of Aspen's sound works including artists
such as Yoko Ono, Marcel Duchamp, Merce Cunningham, John Cage, The Velvet Underground,
William S. Burroughs, La Monte Young, etc.

The film section contains works by Robert Rauschenberg, Hans Richter, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy,
Robert Morris, and Stan VanDerBeek.

A complete index follows.



Index of  Artists & Authors

Alpert, Richard, LSD and the Art of Conscious Living
Amaya, Mario, Editor of Aspen no. 7
   The "London" Decade
Angotti, Tony, Designer of Aspen no. 2
Anonymous, Farewell to a Canyon
   Slum Goddess, from The East Village Other
   What Is Joint Art, from The LA Free Press
   Note on "Monkeys and Bamboo Grove"
   Note on "Waves"
   Note on "Tagasode"
   Noh and Kyogen Plays
Antin, David, In Place of a Lecture: Three Musics for Two Voices
   Biographical Note
Antin, Eleanor, In Place of a Lecture: Three Musics for Two Voices
Atkinson, Terry, Hot/Cold Book
   Biographical Note
Atwell, Allen, On "Clearing Autumn Skies Over Mountains and Valleys"
   On a Tibetan hanging scroll
   Collection of Indian Miniature Paintings
Auran, John Henry, Ski-Roaming, Lift-Shunning, Mountain-Touring
Baer, Jo, Art & Vision: Mach Bands
   Biographical Note
Baker, Carroll, It's Not All Bright Lights and Fan Clubs
Baker, Richard, Director, Berkeley Conference on LSD
Baldwin, Michael, Hot/Cold Book
   Biographical Note
Ballard, J. G., Crash (excerpt)
Barron, Frank, Stability and Change in Human Intelligence and Consciousness
Barthes, Roland, The Death of the Author
Bazelton, David T., The Old Question
Beckett, Samuel, Audio: Text for Nothing #8, read by Jack MacGowen
Benedikt, Michael, Translator of Repair by Michael Butor
Bill Evans Trio, Audio: Israel
Blake, Peter (architect), Lausanne 1964 Exposition — An Experiment in Planning
Blake, Peter (artist), Souvenir no. 1
   Souvenir no. 2
Blue, James, The Role of the Audience
Blum, Richard, Users and Abusers of LSD
Blumofe, Richard, The View from the Front Office
Bochner, Mel, Seven Translucent Tiers
Bode, Sigmund, Placement as Language
Bowers, Faubion, Scriabin: Again and Again
   Audio: Introduction to Scriabin's Preludes
   Audio: Afterword to Scriabin's Preludes
   Audio: Introduction to Scriabin's Tenth Sonata
   The Electronics of Music
Bunker, Larry, Audio: Drums on Israel
Burchard, John, It's Not What You Put In, But What You Leave Out
Burroughs, William, Audio: "This, gentlemen, is a death dwarf..." from Nova Express
   Audio: "Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin..." from Nova Express
Butor, Michael, Repair
Cage, John, How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)
   Audio: Fontana Mix – Feed, Nov. 6, 1967, realized by Max Neuhaus
   Score for Fontana Mix
Cale, John, Audio: Loop
   Poetry Sheet
Carroll, Tom, Photograph for Sentential Metaphrastic
Chamberlain, Bob, The View from the Dance Floor
   Homeward Bound: The Rand House
   Photographs for The Braille Trail
   Introduction to Psycles
Ching Ying, The Brush in the Idea and the Idea in the Brush
Clark, Ossie, British Knickers
Clifford, Peggy, A Sanctuary for Deer, Peacocks, and People: The Benedict House
   The Adaptable House: The Robert Murrays
Cohen, Allen, Excerpt from an interview in the San Francisco Oracle
Cohen, Harvey, Poetry Sheet
Cohen, Ira, From "The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda"
Corwin, Norman, Crossroads: To Mold the Higher Taste or Pander to the Lowest
Courtos, Tom, Designer of Aspen no. 1
Cunningham, Merce, Audio: Space, Time and Dance
   Audio: Further Thoughts
Dalton, David, Designer, Aspen no.3
   Art director, Aspen no. 5+6
Davidovsky, Mario, Audio: In Memoriam Edgar Varèse
De Kooning, William, Comment on Woman
De Sayles, Aymon, Musical Scores and Glyphs
Devore, Bill, From "The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda"
Drexler, Arthur, The New Scale
Duchamp, Marcel, Audio: The Creative Act
   Audio: Some Texts from A L'Infinitif
Dunn, Monty, Audio: Drums on White Wind
Etter, Alfred, The Braille Trail
Evans, Bill, Audio: Piano on Israel
Field, Morey, Audio: Drums on St. James Infirmary Blues
Feldman, Morton, Audio: The King of Denmark, realized by Max Neuhaus
   Score for The King of Denmark
Finch, Christopher, Communicators
Finlay, Ian Hamilton, Wave/Rock
Finn, David, The New Motivations of Leadership in Industry
Fiore, Quentin, Designer of Aspen no. 4
   The Medium is the Massage
Fisher, Freddie, In Praise of Dixieland
Friedman, Benno, Benno Friedman's Westerns
Frosch, William, Adverse Reactions to LSD
Furnival, John, Europa and Her Bull
Gabo, Naum, Audio: The Realistic Manifesto
Garfein, Jack, One Needs a Poet
Gassan, Arnold, Photos for The Young Outs vs. The Establishment
Gauba, Tony, The Hide-and-Seek Bird of the Timberline
Ginsberg, Allen, On political action, from The East Village Other
Glass, Philip, 1 + 1 for One Player and Amplified Table-Top
   Biographical Note
Glueck, Grace, New Mix for New Mex
Graham, Dan, Editor of Aspen no. 8
   Editorial Note on Aspen no. 8
   Poem, March 1966
   Biographical Note
Grand, Nikki, Poetry Sheet
Harner, Michael, The Role of Psychedelics in Shamanism, Witchcraft, and the Vision Quest
Hansen, Al, Viking Dada
Hasegawa, Tokaku, Monkeys and Bamboo Grove
Hauser, Philip M., Implications of Population Changes
Hayes, Clancy, Audio: Vocals on St. James Infirmary Blues
Hendricks, Bici, Deteriorations
Hendricks, Geoff, Sky/Change: Notes on a projected sky environment
Hendricks, Jon (artist), Editor of Aspen no. 6A
   Some Notes on Aspen no. 6A
Hendricks, Jon (musician), In Defense of Latter-Day Jazz
Higgins, Denis, Ski-Roaming, Lift-Shunning, Mountain-Touring
Hinman, Charles, Comment on Vertical Waves
Hirsin, Stanley, If We Have to Bury You
Hockney, David, Notes on Rumpelstiltsken
Hoffer, Abram, LSD Therapy of Alcoholism
Howard, Richard, Translator of Jealousy by Alain Robbe-Grillet
   Translator of The Death of the Author by Roland Barthes
Huai-su, Calligraphy from "Autobiographical Essay"
Hucko, Peanuts, Audio: Clarinet on St. James Infirmary Blues
Huelsenbeck, Richard, Audio: Four Poems from Phantastiche Gebete
Iimura, Takahiko, Program Notes for "Soft Transformations"
   The Diagram of Projection of White Calligraphy
Instone, Michael, London Subcultures
Ishmael, Dropper, Excerpt from an article in Inner Space
Israels, Chuck, Audio: Bass on Israel
   In Explanation of All Jazz
Jacobs, Ken, Descriptive letter of our summer in Easthampton
   Program Notes for "Soft Transformations"
Johns, Jasper, Comment on Black Map
Kaprow, Allan, Push and Pull: A Furniture Comedy for Hans Hoffman
Kast, Eric, LSD and the Dying Patient
Kirk, Frank, Designer of Aspen no. 2
Knight, Arthur, Renascence in a Youthful Medium
Korin, Ogata, Waves
Kosh, John, Designer of Aspen no. 7
Kubler, George, Style and the Representation of Historical Time
Kunin, Daniel, Solo piano, Works by Alexander Scriabin
   The Electronics of Music
Kuo Hsi, Clearing Autumn Skies Over Mountains and Valleys
Laing, Gerald, Comment on AA-D
Lawson, Yank, Audio: Trumpet on St. James Infirmary Blues
Leary, Timothy, The Molecular Revolution
Lee, Paul, The Myth About Psychedelic Drugs
Lennon, John, The Lennon Diary 1969
   Audio: No Bed for Beatle John, with Yoko Ono
   Audio: Radio Play
Letterman, Lynn, Art director, Aspen no. 5+6
Lewis, Bob, The Braille Trail
LeWitt, Sol, Serial Project #1
Lichtenstein, Roy, Comment on Varoom
Lionni, Paolo, Poetry Sheet
Logue, Christopher, Audio: "This is the final statement..." from New Numbers
   Audio: "A policeman is walking..." from New Numbers
   Audio: "He was a youth from the suburbs..." from New Numbers
Lohman, Joseph D., LSD: Implications for Law Enforcement
Lois, George, Designer, Aspen no. 1
Longhorne, Bruce, Audio: Bass tambourine on White Wind
Lucie-Smith, Edward, British Poetry Now
   Lyrics for Three Songs for Surrealists
Lukeman, Alex, Audio: Twelve-string drone on White Wind
Luray, Martin, Ski Racing: Edging the Possible
Lynch, Rev. William F, The Human Imagination in the New Age
Lyon, Danny, Excerpts from The Bikeriders
MacAgy, Douglas, The Russian Desert: A Note on Our State of Knowledge
MacCann, Richard Dyer, The Frontiers of Film
McGarrity, Lou, Audio: Bass on St. James Infirmary Blues
MacGowan, Jack, Audio: Samuel Beckett's "Text for Nothing #8
Maciunas, George, Designer, Aspen. no. 8
   Biographical Note
MacLise, Angus, Editor, Aspen. no. 9
   Audio: Drums on The Joyous Lake
MacLise, Hetty, Editor, Aspen. no. 9
   Designer, folder for Aspen no. 9
   Audio: Organ on The Joyous Lake
MacLow, Jackson, Audio: The Young Turtle Assymetries
   Description of The Young Turtle Assymetries
   Biographical Note
McLuhan, Marshall, The Medium is the Massage
Malanga, Gerard, Hustling for Army Health Razor Blades & Bomb Drop Yuk Yuk
   Poetry Sheet
Mann, Abby, Advice from Abby
Marie-Saint, Eva, Feeling Guilty at Times
Maysles, Albert & David, The Maysles Method
Mekas, Jonas, The Terror and Desperation of "Chelsea Girls" Is a Holy Terror
Meninger, Dr. Karl, Rx — Go See a movie
Metzner, Kenneth, Photographs for Thou Art That
Millet, Kate, No
Milmoe, Jim, Photos for Configurations of the New World
   Photographs of The Braille Trail
Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo, Lightplay: Black-White-Grey (excerpt)
Moorman, Charlotte, Program Notes for "Soft Transformations"
Morris, Robert, Site (excerpt)
   Los Angeles Project
   Biographical Note
Mumma, Gordon, Audio: Horn
Naranjo, Claudio, Therapeutic Uses of Ibogaine
Nelson, George, & Co., "U.S. — Us"
Neuhaus, Max, The King of Denmark by Morton Feldman
   Fontana Mix – Feed by John Cage
Noland, Kenneth, Comment on Mach II
O'Doherty, Brian, Designer, Aspen no. 5+6
   Structural Play #3
Oberhaus, Patricia, Bobby, and Barbie and Ken in the Cat's Pink Mouth
Oldenburg, Claes, Comment on Ghost Telephone
Ono, Yoko, Audio: Song for John: Let's Go Flying
   Audio: Song for John: Snow Is Falling Everywhere
   Audio: Song for John: Mum's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow
   Audio: No Bed for Beatle John, with John Lennon
Oppenheim, Dennis, Cancelled Crop
   Forest Project
   Notes on Ecologic Projects
   Biographical Note
Ortiz, Ralph, Designer, envelope for Aspen no. 6A
   Destruction Theater Manifesto
Osborn, Robert, The Task of All of Us
Paik, Nam June, Program Notes for "Soft Transformations"
Paolozzi, Eduardo, The Gay Atomic Coloring Book
Pevsner, Noton, Audio: The Realistic Manifesto, read by Naum Gabo
Picard, Lil, Peace Object
Poons, Larry, Comment on Reuben (As the Mississippi Flows Down to the Sea)
Powers, Thomas, Comments on Twelve Paintings from the Powers' Collection
Rainer, Yvonne, Three Distributions
   Biographical Note
Rauschenberg, Robert, Linoleum (excerpt)
Rouse, James W., Columbia — A Garden to Grow People
Reed, Lou, The View from the Bandstand
Reich, Steve, Pendulum Music
   Biographical Note
Renoir, Jean, How Do You Say "I Love You"
Richter, Hans, Rhythm 21
Riley, Bridget, Comment on Intake
Riley, Terry, Keyboard Study #2
Robbe-Grillet, Alain, Audio: Jealousy (excerpt)
   Translation of Jealousy (excerpt)
Robinson, David, New Names in British Cinema
Rochlin, Diane, Photos accompanying Letter to Diane and Shelley from Vali
Rose, Steve, Heavy Yoga
Rosenquist, James, Comment on Lanai
Philip Rosenthal, The Interrelationships between Ethics and Power in Design
Rowan, Jan C., The Victory of Technique over Content
Ruscha, Edward, Parking Lot
   Biographical Note
Samyana, Raja, Audio: Drums on The Joyous Lake
Schapiro, Steve, Photo for The TV Generation
Schneeman, Carolee, Divisions and Rubble
Scriabin, Alexander, Audio: Prelude E Major, Op. 11, No. 9. Daniel Kunin, pianist.
   Audio: Prelude G Flat Major, Op. 11, No. 13. Daniel Kunin, pianist.
   Audio: Prelude D Flat Major, Op. 11, No. 15. Daniel Kunin, pianist.
   Audio: Tenth Sonata. Daniel Kunin, pianist.
Serra, Richard, Lead Shot
   Biographical Note
Shelton, Robert, The View from the Critic's Desk
Sinoto, Nori, Designer, box for Aspen no. 10
Siren, Osvald, On "A Mountain Village in Clearing Mist"
Smith, Huston, The Significance of Artificially Induced Religious Experience
Smith, Jack, Buzzards Over Bagdad Flipbook
Smith, John Macauley, Photos for The Adaptable House
Smith, Robert, Designer, box for Aspen no. 7
Smith, Tony, Drawings for The Maze
   Model of The Maze, part 1
   Model of The Maze, part 2
   Model of The Maze, part 3
   Model of The Maze, part 4
   Model of The Maze, part 5
   Model of The Maze, part 6
   Model of The Maze, part 7
   Model of The Maze, part 8
Smithson, Robert, Strata a Geophotographic Fiction
   Biographical Note
Snyder, Don, Dream of Goeralegan
Snyder, Gary, First Time Round
Sontag, Susan, The Aesthetics of Silence
Standlee, Elsen, Audio: Flute on The Joyous Lake
Stein, Lou, Audio: Piano on St. James Infirmary Blues
Sung Hui-tsung, Calligraphy from "Poem"
Tavel, Ronald, Ron Tavel on The Silver Scum
Tavener, John, Audio: Three Songs for Surrealists: For Rene Magritte
   Audio: Three Songs for Surrealists: For Max Ernst
   Audio: Three Songs for Surrealists: For Salvador Dali
Theobald, Robert G. W, New Technologies and Institutional Change
Thomas, Michael, On "Thou Art That"
Thomas, Timothy, The Hide-and-Seek Bird of the Timberline
Toche, Jean, Labyrinths and Psychological Stress
Tokaku, Hosegawa, Monkeys and Bamboo Grove
Tree, Christopher, Audio: Spontaneous Sound
Trilling, Lionel, Film: The Andromeda of the Arts
Trova, Ernest, Comment on Wheel Men
Tung Ch'i-ch'ang, Treatise on Understanding
Tuzzo, Ralph, Designer, Aspen no. 1
Udall, Stuart L, The New Conservation Can Succeed
USCO, We Are All One
Vali, Letter to Diane and Shelley from Vali
VanDerBeek, Stan, Site (excerpt)
Velvet Underground, Audio: Loop
Von Eckartsberg, Rolf, A Descriptive Approach to the Psychedelic Experience
Wachsmann, Konrad, To Build Is Everything or Nothing Is Built
Walker, Peter, Audio: Guitar on White Wind
Warhol, Andy, Designer, Aspen no. 3
   Comment on 200 Campbell Soup Cans
   Kiss Flipbook
Wen Cheng-min, Calligraphy from "The Ten Thousand Character Essay"
Wilbourn, Dale, Triptych
Wilcock, John, EVO Freakout
Wohl, Martin, Urban Transportation in Perspective
Yalkut, Jud, Program Notes for "Soft Transformations"
Ying Yu-Chien, A Mountain Village in Clearing Mist
Young, La Monte, Audio: Drift Study 31 1 69
   Notes on Continuous Periodic Composite Sound Waveform Environment Realizations
   Dream Music
   Biographical Note
Zazeela, Marian, The Soul of the Word
Zimmer, P., Photo for Poetry Sheet
Ziprin, Lionel, Sentential Metaphrastic
Ziska, Audio: Voice on The Joyous Lake

Index of  Audio exhibits

(Any mp3 player or Real Player required)
Beckett, Samuel, Text for Nothing #8, read by Jack MacGowen
Bill Evans Trio, Israel
Bowers, Faubion, On Alexander Scrabin: Introduction to Three Preludes
   On Alexander Scrabin: Afterword to Three Preludes
   On Alexander Scrabin: Introduction to the Tenth Sonata
Burroughs, William, Nova Express: "This, gentlemen, is a death dwarf..."
   Nova Express: "Mr. Bradley Mr. Martin..."
Cage, John, Fontana Mix – Feed, Nov. 6, 1967
Cale, John, Loop
Cunningham, Merce, Space, Time and Dance
   Further Thoughts
Davidovsky, Mario, In Memoriam Edgar Varèse
Duchamp, Marcel, The Creative Act
   Some Texts from A L'Infinitif
Feldman, Morton, The King of Denmark
Gabo, Naum, The Realistic Manifesto
Hucko, Peanuts and others, St. James Infirmary Blues
Huelsenbeck, Richard, Four Poems from Phantastiche Gebete
Lennon, John, Radio Play
Logue, Christopher, New Numbers: "This is the final statement..."
   New Numbers: "A policeman is walking..."
   New Numbers: "He was a youth from the suburbs..."
MacLow, Jackson, The Young Turtle Assymetries
Mumma, Gordon, Horn
Ono, Yoko, Song for John: Let's Go Flying
   Song for John: Snow Is Falling Everywhere
   Song for John: Mum's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow
   No Bed for Beatle John, with John Lennon
Robbe-Grillet, Alain, Jealousy (excerpt)
Scriabin, Alexander, Prelude E Major, Op. 11, No. 9
   Prelude G Flat Major, Op. 11, No. 13
   Prelude D Flat Major, Op. 11, No. 15
   Tenth Sonata
Standlee, Elsen and others, The Joyous Lake
Tavener, John, Three Songs for Surrealists: For Rene Magritte
   Three Songs for Surrealists: For Max Ernst
   Three Songs for Surrealists: For Salvador Dali
Tree, Christopher, Spontaneous Sound
Walker, Peter and others, White Wind
Young, La Monte, Drift Study 31 1 69

Index of  Movie exhibits
QuickTime or RealPlayer G2 required

Moholy-Nagy, Laszlo, Lightplay: Black-White-Grey (excerpt)
Morris, Robert & VanDerBeek, Stan, Site (excerpt)
Rauschenberg, Robert, Linoleum (excerpt)
Richter, Hans, Rhythm 21

Index of  Interactive exhibits

Bochner, Mel, Seven Translucent Tiers. Flash plug-in required
Cage, John, Score for Fontana Mix. Flash plug-in required
Lennon, John, The Lennon Diary 1969. JavaScript-savvy browser required
Jack Smith / Andy Warhol, Underground movie Flipbook. JavaScript-savvy browser required
Smith, Tony, Model of "The Maze". QuickTime required

Index of  Advertisements
August 1966, Advertisement for Aspen no. 1
April 1967, Advertisement for Aspen no. 3
August 1967, Advertisement for Aspen no. 4
April 1968, Advertisement for Aspen no. 5+6
September 1968, Advertisement concurrent with Aspen no. 6A
March 1970, Advertisement for Aspen no. 7
Jan 1971, Advertisement for Aspen no. 9

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