Re: [rumori] product placement in radio
Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 18:07:55 PST

Imagine someday sitting around and complaining that so few stations
anymore adhere to the "old-style" separation of commercial blocks and
actual content . Ugh. If that happens, we'll actually miss the way it
is now. How sad. But I suspect there's only so much ad inclusion that
the public will take in a given amount of time. They can't just go on
and on for half of a song yet, but they will try it someday (with just
the right gimmicky song).

On Sunday, November 24, 2002, at 08:08 PM, Every Man wrote:

> The jaw dropper here isn't so much that it's being done at all,
> but its intention to ultimately replace "proper" advertisements
> by altering the lyrics to pop songs. It's quite conceivable someday we
> may rarely hear original lyrics to a top 40 song (on the radio)
> again! This may answer the question, "where is the future of
> *alternative* music?" The answer might be..."playing songs with
> the original lyrics." ;-)
> This isn't subtle anymore, it's in your face.
> At 07:20 PM 11/24/2002 -0500, Peter wrote:
>> Alot of the rap stations when i listened (late 80's early 90's) had
>> station promo version/intros of alot of their new hit songs (DasEFX
>> for WBLS), which would be blended into the friday/saturday mix shows.
>> often mentioning the DJ, Kool DJ Red Alert on Hot95 etc. (sometimes
>> it was the DJ on the radio who was also producer of the record) This
>> Missy Elliot station promo sounds like the promos Letterman and other
>> tv programs produce for their local affiliates. but when you think
>> about it it's completely logical, merge the station id with the
>> material, corporate syngery.
>> A fully corporate produced rap song can't be far away, here's how I
>> would produce it, start with the local station logo, rap into the
>> latest drink of choice cuvoisier or st ides maybe some stolli
>> whatever's hip, then into the new Gap season of clothing: filla,
>> kangos or addidas (I guess now that would be wu-wear and phatpharm),
>> and top it all off with props to the latest hollywood flick, "I'm
>> getting midevil on your ass, like dah producers Rakin-Bass" (little
>> tip of the tall pointy hat to Lord of the Rings and the rhyme also
>> has that ultra cool retro 70's reference to attract the 18-34 male
>> target audience), and then for the gas gusselers, i'm Audi 5000!
>> peace in the middle east or your momma's yeast, word.
>> Here's an example from ~1991, of something similar. It was a promo
>> for Chi Ali (a 15 year old rapper at the time, who just last year
>> went to jail for killing someone...) at the time he was releasing his
>> first album. This promo, which was made part of the mix, probably
>> starting off a set (of continuous jams...), and as you can hear it
>> mentions everyone imaginable, from the artist to the producers to the
>> radio station, all several times. and then it mixes into 'Be A
>> Father To Your Child" one of the positive rap songs no one likes to
>> talk about. i left some context in the file so the beginning has a
>> snippet of one of the dj's speaking the station id over a Public
>> Enemy song, then i got bored and taped over her with some pop trash,
>> then begins the ChiAli station promo id commercial jingle.
>> in other corporate funny rap stuff, there's also a commercial jingle
>> in there by Ice Cube promoting St Ides Malt Liquor promoting proper
>> drinking habits. sometimes the truth's confliction hurts but it's
>> also friggin funny.
>> PeterALopez
>> Every Man wrote:
>>> I was stunned last week to be driving home from
>>> work, listening to our local hip hop station, hearing
>>> Missy Eliott promoting the actual radio station itself
>>> through song....using the tune of her latest hit with
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