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From: Every Man (
Date: Sun Nov 24 2002 - 17:08:02 PST

The jaw dropper here isn't so much that it's being done at all,
but its intention to ultimately replace "proper" advertisements
by altering the lyrics to pop songs. It's quite conceivable someday we
may rarely hear original lyrics to a top 40 song (on the radio)
again! This may answer the question, "where is the future of
*alternative* music?" The answer might be..."playing songs with
the original lyrics." ;-)

This isn't subtle anymore, it's in your face.

At 07:20 PM 11/24/2002 -0500, Peter wrote:
>Alot of the rap stations when i listened (late 80's early 90's) had
>station promo version/intros of alot of their new hit songs (DasEFX for
>WBLS), which would be blended into the friday/saturday mix shows. often
>mentioning the DJ, Kool DJ Red Alert on Hot95 etc. (sometimes it was the
>DJ on the radio who was also producer of the record) This Missy Elliot
>station promo sounds like the promos Letterman and other tv programs
>produce for their local affiliates. but when you think about it it's
>completely logical, merge the station id with the material, corporate syngery.
>A fully corporate produced rap song can't be far away, here's how I would
>produce it, start with the local station logo, rap into the latest drink
>of choice cuvoisier or st ides maybe some stolli whatever's hip, then into
>the new Gap season of clothing: filla, kangos or addidas (I guess now that
>would be wu-wear and phatpharm), and top it all off with props to the
>latest hollywood flick, "I'm getting midevil on your ass, like dah
>producers Rakin-Bass" (little tip of the tall pointy hat to Lord of the
>Rings and the rhyme also has that ultra cool retro 70's reference to
>attract the 18-34 male target audience), and then for the gas gusselers,
>i'm Audi 5000! peace in the middle east or your momma's yeast, word.
>Here's an example from ~1991, of something similar. It was a promo for
>Chi Ali (a 15 year old rapper at the time, who just last year went to jail
>for killing someone...) at the time he was releasing his first
>album. This promo, which was made part of the mix, probably starting off
>a set (of continuous jams...), and as you can hear it mentions everyone
>imaginable, from the artist to the producers to the radio station, all
>several times. and then it mixes into 'Be A Father To Your Child" one of
>the positive rap songs no one likes to talk about. i left some context in
>the file so the beginning has a snippet of one of the dj's speaking the
>station id over a Public Enemy song, then i got bored and taped over her
>with some pop trash, then begins the ChiAli station promo id commercial jingle.
>in other corporate funny rap stuff, there's also a commercial jingle in
>there by Ice Cube promoting St Ides Malt Liquor promoting proper drinking
>habits. sometimes the truth's confliction hurts but it's also friggin
>Every Man wrote:
>>I was stunned last week to be driving home from
>>work, listening to our local hip hop station, hearing
>>Missy Eliott promoting the actual radio station itself
>>through song....using the tune of her latest hit with
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