Re: [rumori] i hold all Star Wars fans personally responsible (fwd)
Date: Tue Nov 26 2002 - 04:57:37 PST

...must reply to SW content....

At the same time as Lucas's belly aching we got employees of Microsoft
mouthing off to a current Digital Rights Management conference. (it's a word document,
saying more or less that "Attempts to Stop Music Sharing is Pointless")
and with technological trends what's the difference between a 4 megs
song and a 1 gig movie? At least according to these folks, you will one
day soon have your whole life digitally documented. (this is also
a Microsqoosh development...nyak nyak nyak)

Anyway good luck to Lucas and friends and their next software/hardware
initiative. I hope they fare better then the folks at this library who
tried to implement some censorware to their internet, which in return
got rid of themselves...
Quote of the day:

"We banned ourselves,"

and to return to Steev's article, the point which i think is the most

>"The issue of digital rights management is solvable, if there is a
will for it to be done," Mr Chernin said.

We know the corporations want this, but if the fans just move their
attentions elsewhere, what good is their system. There's more hours of
star wars inspired fan films out there then actual Lucas created movie
footage (including all those vinyets, behind the scenes etc), George
might have started it, but the fans will most likely keep it going.
 Jedi is a religion in more then one country now. DRM vs the Jedi
Religion, a court case coming soon.

check out these super fans, they made their own TV commercial AND WILL
GET IT AIRED ON TV in 15 cities, to promote the show they love...which
is currently canceled.

( <--
this is the actual commercial)

fans are crazy.


Steev Hise wrote:

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>Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 12:33:44 -0800 (PST)
>From: "[ISO-8859-1] Jos? M?rquez" <>
>Subject: i hold all Star Wars fans personally responsible
>for creating this phantom menace:
>Star Wars Creator Calls for Attack on Piracy
>By Paul Abrahams in Las Vegas
>George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars movie
>franchise,?on?Tuesday?pleaded with the technology industry to create a
>partnership with the media sector to stamp out online piracy of content.
>"I am begging for co-operation. There are unintended consequences of
>piracy. If piracy is not stopped, the rainforest of the entertainment
>business ecosystem will collapse. I am pleading for the creative people in
>this industry," he said.
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