Re: [rumori] the oldest issue in the world: money

From: Lloyd Dunn (
Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 07:27:51 PST

well, when we started in 1987 it wasn't clear that we wouldn't be
sued to smithereens. we're fortunate that that hasn't happened to us.
i can assure you, we never thought of this kind of work as a 'lesser
art'. but i think we may have cherished the (naive) notion that we
could remain "pure" from the taint of money, and maybe be seen more
sympathetically if we ever had to appear in court.

i personally don't think along precisely those lines anymore ... yet
we still want to give our work away, aim only to break even on it,
and sort-of on-purpose, remain somewhat obscure, so as to stay under
the radar, so to speak.

>>We did this in the altruistic belief that our work was constructed
>>from the previously 'finished' works of others, and so the least we
>>could do is stay poor and seek only to cover our monetary outlay in
>>making and maintaining our public presence.
>do others hold this belief as well? that because a work samples it
>should be given away free? is it somehow a lesser art that isn't
>deserving of compensation and financial support?? artists who don't
>sample can make a living from their music, but samplers shouldn't??
>never mind the fact that most of us couldn't make a living from
>music even if we really wanted to. i'm all for giving music away,
>but i prefer other motives.


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