Re: [rumori] the oldest issue in the world: money

From: illegal art (
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 15:34:36 PST

>We did this in the altruistic belief that our work was constructed
>from the previously 'finished' works of others, and so the least we
>could do is stay poor and seek only to cover our monetary outlay in
>making and maintaining our public presence.

do others hold this belief as well? that because a work samples it
should be given away free? is it somehow a lesser art that isn't
deserving of compensation and financial support?? artists who don't
sample can make a living from their music, but samplers shouldn't??
never mind the fact that most of us couldn't make a living from music
even if we really wanted to. i'm all for giving music away, but i
prefer other motives.

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