Re: [rumori] FW: Regarding the Changes (for artists)

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Thu Dec 12 2002 - 19:24:44 PST

on Thu, 12 Dec 2002 Paul Smith told me:

>> Well, there ain't no free lunch. The last 6 or 7
>> years of Net
>> Cornucopia and Irrational Exuberance were just a
>> tremendous loss
>> leader for late capitalism. Now the party's over.
>> Get used to
>> it, and take an intelligent look at what you're
>> getting for your
>> money.
>Not really. There was no free lunch in the first

my point exactly. i fail to see how any of your message
contradicts or critiques anything in my message enough to warrant
even a "not really." unless you just disagree about the
definition of "loss leader."


>The way I understood the business model, CD's
>were to be sold from the site, and half of those
>profits were to go towards's expenses.
>Artists were already "paying" for their services.
>But, as you say, people, in this case the USERS of
>, wanted the free stuff, and instead of buying
>albums, they downloaded the songs instead. Some
>artists, I suspect to get more exposure, make many or
>all of their songs downloadable from their pages.
>This, of course, hurt CD sales [gee, where have we
>heard this before?] and now with a limited number of
>downloads per page, [in lieu of that fee] I'm sure
> hopes that if you like a given band, and can't
>download all of their songs, then you'll buy the
>Effectively, this means is double-dipping on
>artists who want to get exposure, which, I had always
>thought was the point of in the first place.
>A number of bands do swell business on that site, and
>must split their CD profits accordingly, which should
>cover the costs of the less profitable artists. If it
>doesn't, then should bring in artists who can
>cover those costs, or work out a deal with a minor
>record lable for webspace and bandwith for their
>internet music operations. Punishing the artists for
>having cheapskate fans is not going to help.

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