RE: [rumori]'s about to get a whole lot crappier.

From: Nicola Battista (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 00:17:55 PST

>I was under the impression that songs couldn't be directly linked.

If I'm not wrong they recently used to provide a *paid* "hosting" service in
which you were able to link directly to an audio stream on
Originally, the streams were linkable from outside for free (someone
would call this "deep linking").

Sorry if I haven't participated in the discussion about IUMA and other free
places to publish music on the web.
IUMA has set the 30 songs limit because thats the new limit for the
Vitaminic network, and Vitaminic is also starting a paid service for artists
called (er) "Vitaminic Premium".

Not only this is crap, it is also almost identical to's Premium
Artist Service. No wonder from a site that in the past already copied some
of's services and products ( started the DAM CD service and
immediately Vitaminic created the V-CD which is an identical disc with
custom cover graphics, audio tracks and mp3 versions of the same tracks.
Only with you have a cd-rom track that contains a player with
infos/texts and a photo - not just the mp3s like Vitaminic does).

Also, indie/unsigned artists cannot sell tracks on Vitaminic anymore. You
can only publish free tracks (with the 30 tracks limit). If you wanna try
and see if you sell some, or you would like to make your tracks available to
paying subscribers of the VMC (Vitaminic Music Club, a subscrciption service
curiosuly very similar to EMusic... ;))) you must be signed to a label.

Incidentally I run two label pages on Vitaminic if anyone wanna try that ;)


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