Re: [rumori]'s about to get a whole lot crappier.

From: Sam Stephens (
Date: Fri Dec 13 2002 - 15:58:02 PST

From: Nicola Battista

>>I was under the impression that songs couldn't be directly linked.
>If I'm not wrong they recently used to provide a *paid* "hosting" service
>which you were able to link directly to an audio stream on
>Originally, the streams were linkable from outside for free
>would call this "deep linking").

You can't link directly to the mp3s, but you can link to an html page for
the songs.... for example links to one of my
tracks, you can then download etc from there (this is how I link to my songs
on from my website at sensoryresearch). So if you will still be able
to link to the songs directly like this then there isn't that much of a
problem. SHOULD realise this and close the hole, but considering you
can still download "streaming-only" songs by inspecting the m3u file, I
wouldn't be suprised if mp3.commie left this open. (fingers crossed,
otherwise I've gotta find more than a gig of storage somewhere!).

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