Re: [rumori] Jassen's latest statement of idiocy

From: matt davignon (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 20:09:45 PST

A few thoughts on this:

-I can't really see how sending him every cent you made by selling your cd's
(as he requested in a previous email) would make it less of a profit, and
less susceptible to these laws he's quoting.

-If you've been selling your cd's for $5, you could come up with a "cost of
production" list which shows that the amount of money you've made from cd
sales does not equal the amount of money you've spent making them. If you
count raw materials of the discs, postage, transportation costs to and from
the radio station, and even the cost of the "raw musical material" (what
you've paid for the cd's you use in your collage), you probably haven't made
a profit at all. How many of these guys have you even sold?

-Hey, NPR is a non-profit organization, and there are cd's for sale of "This
American Life". They even charge more than you!

-If you recorded the shows at home, then brought them to the station to be
broadcast, would that make you less liable? That would make you not much
different than the musicians, actors, writers, poets and artists whose work
is presented on non-profit radio & TV. They sell their cd's, books, tickets
without a hitch.

-I get the impression that this guy is harassing you more because he
disagree's with your stance on copyright more than because he has concern
for the station's non-profit status. Have you confirmed that he even works
with the station? (And if so, is he part of the staff that gets a paycheck?)


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