Re: [rumori] Jassen's latest statement of idiocy

From: Every Man (
Date: Sat Dec 14 2002 - 20:23:41 PST

Jassen is tech director, or production director. Something of the sort, but
IS on exec staff.

>-If you've been selling your cd's for $5, you could come up with a "cost
>of production" list which shows that the amount of money you've made from
>cd sales does not equal the amount of money you've spent making them. If
>you count raw materials of the discs, postage, transportation costs to and
>from the radio station, and even the cost of the "raw musical material"
>(what you've paid for the cd's you use in your collage), you probably
>haven't made a profit at all. How many of these guys have you even sold?

We have made under $100 this year in radio show sales, and since we've
started out several years ago, we hadn't made much more. We don't really
make money from that. Live gigs make us the "real money," but not selling
shows. We sell them so people can actually HEAR them, and we're not selling
them for anything unreasonable. The IRS audited us back in 1998 and threw
the case out because they saw we weren't making enough for them to care.

>-I get the impression that this guy is harassing you more because he
>disagree's with your stance on copyright more than because he has concern
>for the station's non-profit status. Have you confirmed that he even works
>with the station? (And if so, is he part of the staff that gets a paycheck?)

He doesn't get a paycheck, but he does work for the station as an exec
staff member. So far, the Exec Staff is disagreeing with him, and they are
asking how is it that Negativland can sell copies of OTE if KPFA is also a
non-profit? They also seem to think the illegality of selling is more MY
problem than theirs. We'll have to see how it pans out tomorrow.

How much would a lawyer charge to sit in a meeting with me on this?? ;)

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