[rumori] [Sydney] 2MBS CMC: Call for volunteers

From: shannon o'neill (aliasATaliasfrequencies.org)
Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 16:46:34 PST

Founded in 1975, 2MBS-FM <http://2mbs.com> is Australia's first
community-based, volunteer-operated and listener-supported radio
station, playing the widest variety of music on Sydney radio, including
classical, jazz, blues, folk, world, and a full range of non-mainstream
contemporary musics.

The station's Contemporary Music Collective (CMC) has an historic
and vital relationship with Sydney's independent and underground
music scenes, with many key artists having been involved with the
station. Its programs have a reputation for quality, integrity, and

The CMC is currently looking to expand its activities and has several
new volunteer positions available, both on and off-air.

We are looking for producers and presenters to join our roster of
late-night contemporary music programs. Applications from producers
with expertise in the areas of dub, african music, electroacoustics,
and 'new music' are particularly encouraged, as are applications from
teams of producers.

We are also looking for volunteers to write articles (including reviews)
on contemporary music for the station's Fine Music magazine, and
for the CMC website; help with fundraising events (eg concerts);
design and distribute publicity materials, etc. If you'd like to be
involved in any capacity then we'd love to hear from you.

All CMC volunteers are required to become involved in the culture of
the station, including becoming a member and subscriber, and
attending monthly CMC (and other relevant) meetings, where you will
get to meet like-minded music freaks.

So, if you are interested, please send a short statement about how
and why you would like to be involved, to cmcATaliasfrequencies.org.
If applying to produce a program, please include an example playlist.

Contemporary Music Collective

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