[rumori] [.au] Wanted: New Electrofringe Coordinators

From: shannon o'neill (aliasATaliasfrequencies.org)
Date: Sun Dec 15 2002 - 18:05:35 PST

Wanted: New Electrofringe Coordinators

After 2 years as coordinators of the annual Electrofringe festival,
both Shannon O'Neill and Joni Taylor will be stepping aside to
make way for some fresh blood. This is Not Art is now looking
for new coordinators to mange and direct the future of this exciting

Applicants should have:

*a passion and commitment to promoting, presenting and developing
innovative contemporary electronic and digital art, media and sound.

*experience and knowledge in one or more of the following areas:
digital video and film, software and networking systems, gaming,
interactive performance, hacktivism, electronic music, sustainable/
environmental technology, independent media and new forms of

*knowledge of sponsorship opportunities, PR and marketing tools
in the new media arts community.

Responsibilities include:

*Selecting participants, programming sessions and managing an
extensive Electrofringe programme, combining presentations,
workshops, screenings, discussions and performances.

*Maintaining and sustaining current Electrofringe relationships
and developing new ones, especially within the local Hunter area.

*The writing of grant applications, budgets, reports, and acquittals
for funding bodies.

*Being the point of contact and providing support and information
for state representatives and assistant managers.

General requirements for being a part of the The This is Not Art
team are:

* Ability to work as part of a team
* Ability to work within a limited budget
* Demonstrated ability to plan and achieve tasks
* Demonstrated understanding of the construction and implementation
   of timeline
* Self-motivated
* Ability to delegate tasks
* Ability to work under pressure
* Appreciation of the culture of This Is Not Art
* Ability to manage and account for finances and budget
* Understanding of working with volunteers
* Ability to negotiate best options with limited resources
* Ability to liaise with external stake holders
* Ability to seek funding
* Ability to oversee the construction of a diverse and comprehensive

To express your interest in the position, send us a half-page
description of where you think the Electrofringe festival is at now
and a half page 'vision statement' outlining the directions you'd like
to see the event grow in. We'd also like to see your CV, but
please keep it to a page or so.

Send stuff to jobsATthisisnotart.org (enquiries too!)
Deadline: Jan 15


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