RE: [rumori] Bored of the Rings

From: Paul Smith (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2002 - 14:50:53 PST

> I havent read the whole book; for what I've seen it
> seems a fun parody... of
> course friend of mine who has read Tolkien's works
> 12 times or so would say
> it's publishing a parody of the Bible.
> Uhmm, 1969 anyway was probably "the right time" to
> publish it...

The parts of "Bored. . " I've read are hilarious, and
I've read the original, well, more that 12 times,
anyway. The Harvard Lampoon was cranking out lots of
interesting parodies at the time this came out. Look
for "Best Campus Humor of The Swinging 60's", ed. by
Bill Adler, pub. 1968, at your local used book store.
Chock full of that sort of thing, from college humor
magazines from all over the country. Virtually none
of it, from copyright problems to being merely
"anti-PC", could get printed today.

band saw

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