Re: [rumori] genre-blending
Date: Sun Dec 22 2002 - 07:05:37 PST

  For gendre-bending, Kiki & Herb redo songs of various genres into
their piano and vox cabaret style. i think on their album they do
Nirvana and other top 40 people. I've only heard their remake of a
Sleater-Kinney song on a comp, but from the sound of it it's in a
similar vein to Beatallica. they have a list of songs they've covered. not
sure how much has been released though...
Another odd one this year is some group did live performed versions of
some Aphex Twin songs, like Come to Daddy.
the remaking of old computer game songs is still going strong.
Weird Al & Dr. Demento gotta fit in there somewhere.

David Dixon wrote:

> Can you all recommend some good examples of artists who overtly blend
> two musical genres? I'm planning a show about "the year
> bootlegs finally broke," and I'm trying to put it into context. Some
> examples:
> Beatallica
> Big Daddy
> Mike Flowers Pops
> John Oswald
> Hayseed Dixie
> PDQ Bach
> Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
> Who else?
> D^2
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