Re: [rumori] genre-blending

From: Michael Howes (
Date: Sun Dec 22 2002 - 13:22:10 PST

>Big Daddy
>Mike Flowers Pops
>John Oswald
>Hayseed Dixie
>PDQ Bach
>Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
>Who else?

  hmmmm....i'd count Zorn's Naked City, Mr Bungle, and the
particular there is an amazing obscure german grindcore band called Scrawl
and they mix with amazing skill, surf, ska, lounge music, and grindcore.
  C Marclay and O Yoshihide both have tracks that sample together a couple

  depends on how far you wanna take this......a lot of international/world
music artists mix many sounds/genres? Like Farmers Market or Radio Tarifa

  oh just thought of one more...Secret Chiefs 3....he (they?) mix drum and
bass, middle eastern music, surf music, and some metal sounds once in a while.

I guess there are the odd, extreme "covers" of famous songs that almost Apocalyptica (classical covers of Metallica and other metal)
and the rash of terrible classical or lounge or dance music covers of pop particular all those on that Vitamin (or is it Vitamin A?)
record label.......most of those are shitty....(sorry I do have a soft
sport for the classical covers of Black Sabbath)

   There are some turntablists that do Z-Trips fun Rock Star
series. He mixes lots of classic rock, metal, and hiphop.

   i'd love to see the playlist when your thru (or even listen)...i've done
a show like this in the past and just couldn't find my playlist

  oh two more .....but more along the lines of "maybe they
fit"......Vampire Rodents and some Zappa

  Big Daddy?


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