Re: [rumori] mickey mouse wins

From: Tim Maloney (
Date: Wed Jan 15 2003 - 17:24:27 PST

>This has nothing to do with being "against" or "for" Mickey
>Mouse. Disney is not Mickey. Mickey Mouse is just a property, a
>resource that by now should belong to the people.

Especially since Ub died so long ago anyway.

Say, is it just me, or is there some smoke and mirrors with this
case? Seems to me that TRADEMARK law is different from COPYRIGHT
law, and Disney will never have a problem making cartoons with its
trademarked characters. And I am sure they are ALL trademarked. The
likelihood of an independent animation producer picking up even the
OLD Mickey and making a bunch of new cartoons and not expecting
trademark dilution suits is rather slim indeed.

Is Disney worried about an independent producer flooding the market
with cheap DVD's of Steamboat Willie? #1) As if those are such a hot
number right now and #2) as if anyone else had the negative or good
prints to make a decent transfer? Keeping in mind #3) that even if
someone DID flood the market with cheap imitations, how many people
who are even interested in old cartoons would spring for the cheap
sloppy one instead of the good crisp clean one made by the company
who INVENTED Mickey Mouse?

My point being this: What are they even arguing about? They are
structuring a law that would govern instances they don't even have to
worry about. Is there something else going on? Something I'm not
seeing? Are lawyers and corporate control-hogs really that
pig-ignorant that they would argue to the Supreme Court for stuff
that doesn't even really affect them? Or does their business-school
moron mentality cause them to ride the margins in their business
models so closely that they would fall to pieces if some cheap-ass
version of "The Old Mill" or "The Skeleton Dance" hit the streets?

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