Re: [rumori] mickey mouse wins

From: Tim Maloney (
Date: Thu Jan 16 2003 - 03:52:53 PST

>I am afraid there is a lot more to it. If we forget our narrow "artist"
>culture-based mentality and we take a look at the world outside, we see what
>all this copyright/trademark thing is about: transgenics, AIDS treatments,
>whole continents starving, human slavery... it's all there.
>Disney are not lobbying for Mickey Mouse, they are lobbying for XXIst
>century capitalism.

Intriguing notion, but since Disney doesn't own any transgenics or
AIDS treatments, it is a little hard to swallow that they would spend
time and money NOW to secure rights they don't need to exploit
cartoon characters but in hopes that they WILL be developing AIDS
treatments any time soon.

They aren't "The Conspiracy," they are a money-driven pack of rich
white guys who want to maximize profits according to their Harvard
Business School principles. Which principles have to do with running
the numbers such that liabilities tend to zero, expenditures decrease
exponentially to infinity, and "growth" and revenues increase
exponentially toward infinity.

I sincerely doubt these blinkered apes bother to think about anything
further than the end of next fiscal quarter, much less to become
architects for a brave new world no one is taking the time to design

If the lesson of history is "How do the rich people get more money
out of the poor people?", and I believe it must be (a wise friend
pointed this out once, and so much is now in perspective), then "21st
Century Capitalists" is code for "Business as usual." Personally I
don't see anything happening now that the U.S. didn't deal with at
the end of last century, only they tried to hide what they were doing

And by "they" I mean the rich, white, aristocratic families that Adam
Smith and James Madison and everyone else warned us about. Which
alarmists were themselves, rich, white, and aristocratic.

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