[rumori] re: mickey mouse wins

From: Taylor McLaren (morakanabadATyahoo.ca)
Date: Sat Jan 18 2003 - 02:02:03 PST

MOO! Tim Maloney <nakedrabbitATearthlink.net> wrote:
> Intriguing notion, but since Disney doesn't own any transgenics or
> AIDS treatments, it is a little hard to swallow that they would
> spend time and money NOW to secure rights they don't need to
> exploit cartoon characters but in hopes that they WILL be
> developing AIDS treatments any time soon.
Or maybe, we can always hope, the people making the big decisions
here aren't only thinking about what the Disney lobbyists are telling
them. (Not likely, but a nice thought.)

> they are a money-driven pack of rich white guys
> And by "they" I mean the rich, white, aristocratic families
> Which alarmists were themselves, rich, white, and aristocratic.
Damn... does this mean that I have to start feeling bad about being
white again? What if I marry a Korean woman or something?

-me, for the sheer reactionary hell of it

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