[rumori] late notice - SAR on the air now - 4th anniversary show

Date: Sat Jan 25 2003 - 11:52:50 PST

After a four-year tour of KUOM's least popular time slots, Radio K has granted Some Assembly Required's request for transfer - to 2PM, Saturdays! Starting January 25, just two days prior to the program's four-year anniversary, Some Assembly Required will be heard (in the Twin Cities) every Saturday from 2-3PM on 770 Radio K.

The fourth anniversary show features interviews with Amirali Raissnia and Wobbly, along with requests, and tracks by The Tape-beatles, Steev Hise, PLU/Wobbly/Matmos, The ECC, Steinski and many more. (on in seven minutes, at radiok.org)

Coinciding with this Fourth Anniversary, Sursumcorda.com has unveiled the first three archived episodes of SAR at:
with more episodes soon to be added to the online archive.

Finally, an upcoming episode of Radio K's Video Showcase, "Video K" will feature a short segment on Some Assembly Required. The episode is set to air in early Spring on Twin Cities Public Television. For more information about Video K, visit Radio K's webpage, at:

Thanks for the first Four, to everyone who's supported the show. You know who you are, and I'm grateful. Stay tuned for more tape-manipulations, digital deconstructions and turntable creations.

Jon Nelson

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